Private Sector Participation


Private Sector Participation:


Working with private sector players to create outsourcing agreements, JV’s, PPP’s and other commercial opportunities


Increased PSP across all sectors of industry is one of the main drivers of the government to diversify the economy and decrease the dependence of oil based revenues.

KFSH&RC through transformation and in line with His Majesty vision are embarking on multiple initiatives to increase private sector participation to potentially:

  • Reduce cost & improve efficiency
  • Leverage existing assets
  • Increase revenues from the private sector
  • Identify alternative funding mechanisms through projects financing & PSP’s
  • Increase impact on the micro-economy, including job creation and new opportunities for young talent

The aim of this initiative is to increase the participation of the private sector in the delivery of services while also increasing the % of total revenue generated in collaboration with external private entities.