Eligibility & What to Bring Before Admission

Medical Eligibility

King Faisal Specialized Hospital and Research Center provides high quality and specialized medical care equivalent to the best international health centers that is hard to match in local hospitals. In other words, the Hospital only treats chronic and referred cases from local medical authorities or approved central hospitals due to the lack of treatment or diagnosis possibilities at local hospitals.   

In order to acquaint you with referring and admission procedures, we state the following information:

  • The only cases that are admitted are those which have no treatment or diagnosis facilities at local hospitals
  • Referral or direct examinations are offered after a detailed medical report is provided from one of the central/approved hospitals to the patient acceptance.
  • All reports are presented to the specialized medical departments and committees for recommendations relating to accepting the case and offering the necessary specialized care.
  • The patient or his/her representative is given a consultation card for following up where the patient can find out the result of examination (acceptance or recommendation for continuing the treatment at the referral hospital or local hospitals) with respect to the treatment offered within one working day, and the result will be available to you whether in approval or apology  

 KSA Citizens:

The Higher Directives states that free specialized medical services are offered to KSA citizens who suffer from the following diseases and have no access to treatment in local or central hospitals, provided that the treatment should be limited to the spatiality the patient has initially been referred for or related directly to the relative disease:  

  •  Cancers and reference blood diseases
  •  Heart diseases
  •  Patients who need organs transplant such as heart, liver, lung, kidney, pancreas and bone marrow
  •  Complicated liver, kidney and lung diseases that are not treatable in other hospitals
  •  Congenital and hereditary defects
  •  Acquired Immune Deficiency
  •  Referred infertility diseases which are not treatable in local hospitals
  •  Other referred diseases which have no treatment at other local or central hospitals

Patients who suffer from other diseases may bear the costs of treatments at the hospital or present documents from other authorities to bear the costs of treatments such as:

  • Treatment orders which are renewed by the patient every 3 or 6 months
  • Decisions by medical authorities issued by the Ministry of Health Medical offices
  • Official referrals from the patient’s employer if there is a treatment agreement with the hospital
  • Cooperative health insurance by an approved company by the hospital

Requirement to Avail Medical Eligibility:

  1. Medical Report and Referral Form from referring institution.
  2. Copy of Saudi ID or Iqama.
  3. Complete Patient Information and Consent for General Treatment Form.
  4. For Non-Saudi patients, they need to obtain a Royal Order.

To Contact Medical Eligibility:

Telephone: 920012312

Fax: 920011474

What to Bring before Admission

Please be sure to bring the following requirements:

  • Personal identity card (National ID / family book / Iqama card / passport)
  • Insurance policy card or referral documents / official government orders
  • Your personal medical record information.
  • Previous results of any tests or statements such as radiology films, specimens, reports of special tests, etc.
  • A list of your current medications, including the prescribed and non-prescribed medications.
  • A list of your upcoming appointments.

Once the registration process is done, you will be issued an identity bracelet to put on your wrist, showing your name and your hospital medical record number.

Please do not remove this bracelet at any time before you are discharged from hospital. In the case of losing or damaging your bracelet, please inform one of the nursing team so it can be replaced.

Items you need to bring to the hospital:

The hospital will provide you with a hospital gown during your stay at the hospital, so you should only bring the necessary items that cover your needs, like for example:

  • Hygiene and personal care tools.
  • Non-slippery shoes
  • Your current medications, including the prescribed and non-prescribed medications.
  • Materials for reading (books, magazines) for entertainment during your stay at the hospital
  • If you need dentures, glasses, contact lenses, headphones or any other compensatory device, please bring them with you and inform the nursing staff. When you are not using these items, please place them in the table drawer next to your bed.
  • Any tool which helps you connect with medical staff or move inside the hospital.

Items to leave at home:

Please don't bring any valuable items with you to the hospital; because the hospital doesn't assume the responsibility of these things.  This includes:

  • Jewelry / credit cards/ large amounts of money/Carpets and linens.
  • Mobile phones / electrical and electronic devices.
  • Food from outside the hospital with the exception of a written order from your doctor.
  • If you have any valuables, please ask a member of your family to take them back home. If that is not possible you may deposit small valuables in the reception office, the receptionist will be happy to keep your personal belongings for you.