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Wednesday, 22 May 2019, 17 Ramadan 1440


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Admin Section - Nursing Practice And Research Department


Coordinates comprehensivestaff professional development within area of specialization to supportevidence based delivery system that produces quality patient care with optimalpatient outcomes.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties



  1. Evaluates and initiates plans for nursing research into practice in line with overall Nursing Affairs (NA) strategies.
  2. Establishes a structured process for conducting nursing research.
  3. Coordinates educational plans in collaboration with the specialty area Program Director and other stakeholders.
  4. Establishes a database of all nursing research studies, monitors, and tracks progress of all activity.
  5. Coordinates enculturation of research principles across NA.
  6. Facilitates clinical nursing/interdisciplinary research studies.
  7. Mentors nurses in the nursing research process. Mentors nurses pursuing Master and PhD qualifications in the nursing research process.
  8. Coordinates clinical research within nursing and engages nurses at the bedside in research into practice activities.
  9. Collaborates with all internal and external stakeholders when conducting nursing research.
  10. Mentors the nurse researcher in the publication process of research studies.
  11. Identifies implements and evaluates innovative models of education and training to support changes in practice environments.
  12. Evaluates externally produced curriculum and writes recommendations for suitability to internal implementation.
  13. Participates in academic curriculum reviews from requesting university-based schools of nursing.
  14. Prepares annual report on nursing research activity.
  15. Collaborates with different departments/universities to promote nursing research.
  16. Demonstrates excellent personal communication. Establishes and maintains effective two-way communication channels with individuals and multidisciplinary team. Treats colleagues with dignity and respect at all time.
  17. Continuously evaluates the effectiveness of all positions in assigned area against the primary purpose and strategic goals.
  18. Follows all Hospital related policies and procedures.
  19. Participates in self and other’s education and development, as applicable.
  20. Performs other related duties as assigned.


PhD, Master’s, or Bachelor’sDegree in Nursing is required.

Experience Required

Four (4) years of nursing with PhD, six (6) years withMaster’s Degree, or eight (8) years with Bachelor’s Degree is required.

Other Requirements(Certificates)

  • National Institute ofHealth (NIH) Office of Extramural Research on-line course; Protecting HumanResearch Participants is required.
  • Computer literacy isrequired.
  • Current RegisteredNurse Licensure from country of origin and Saudi Commission for Health SpecialtiesLicensure is required.
  • Demonstrated experiencein conducting clinical research/Evidence Based Projects is preferred.
  • Experience in a dedicated teaching positionproviding nursing education is preferred.