Cancer Terminology Course

Course Description:
This in-house course is intended for healthcare professionals, medical as well as non-medical, who wish to expand upon their knowledge regarding various aspects of cancer. The course provides an overview of the key terms & definitions used in Oncology. It covers common & specialized terms related to causes, types, diagnosis & treatment of cancer.
Certificates will only be provided to those obtaining (70%) and above in their tests. Candidates will only be qualified to attend any higher level if they earn the certificate of previous level.


  1. Recognize common root words & suffixes related to cancer.
  2. Define medical terms that describe the growth & spread of tumors.
  3. Recognize common terms related to causes, diagnosis & treatment of cancer.
  4. List the 3 main classifications of tumors.
  5. Describe staging & grading of tumors.
  6. Discuss the 4 treatment modalities for cancer.