Arabic Language Course Level 1

Course Description:

This 20 hour in-house course is designed for non-Arabic speaking employees and their eligible dependents, eighteen (18) years or older. The students will be exposed to of a variety of situations and lexical resource needed to comfortably interact with patients and their families and Hospital staff over four (4) levels. Those students who wish to continue their studies of Arabic can also take reading and grammar levels to further enhance their Arabic.  Furthermore, this course is offered outside off normal working hours.


When you finish this course, you should able to:

  1. Pronounce all the letters with both long and short vowels.
  2. Produce conversations in a range of scenarios.
  3. Identity different parts of the body.
  4. Understand the singular, dual, and plural forms of the words.
  5. Count from one (1) to twenty (20).
  6. Read passages from the textbook.