Medical internship training


Medical Internship Training for Medical Interns

After graduation from a recognized medical school, the student is required to successfully complete a 12-months rotation in clinical services. This year of rotation is called “Internship”, a pre-requisite to an honored medical degree.

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre- General Organization (KFSH&RC-Gen.Org) provides medical internship for Saudi graduates training in certain specialties in collaboration with medical schools within Saudi Arabia.


1- Intern should be Saudi.

2- Intern has to be graduated with GPA V. Good or above, submit grade’s transcription.

3- Intern should complete the Healthcare checklist form.

4- Intern should complete the Hospital registration orientation training program (upon acceptance).


If terms are met, seek the acceptance from your University and submit the following Requirements for internship training approval:

  • Registration application Form
  • Request letter from the university including name, GPA, rotation and period, attached with Evaluation form.
  • Academic Transcript.
  • Valid ACLS/BLS
  • Copy of national ID card/ passport
  • 1 updated photo (passport size).
  • Health care check list (to be filled and submitted once intern is accepted).

Submission Announcement:

  • Submission period for medical internship training 2016/2017: (1-12 May 2016)-Closed-.
  • It is our pleasure to announce new submission period for Medical Internship training year 2016/2017 will be open from: 16 – 20 October 2016 

    The Medical Internship Training Departments are only available in the following month: