KFSH&RC has developed a Patient Portal to facilitate better communication and coordination between patients and the facility. This can be achieved by providing patients and caregivers feasible, informative and secured access to their health records. Patients can access their medical information from home to perform several tasks related to their care. The mission of this portal was driven by promoting “Patient Experiences” through meeting their growing expectations and satisfying their demands by effective engagements through the use of technology as an efficient and effective communication platform.

What is SEHATY?

Sehaty is a secure online website that gives you convenient 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection or using your smart phone by downloading "Sehaty" from Apple Store or Google Play . You can manage your Appointments, view your Medical Reports and tests results, contact Patient Relations and much more. Only you, can access your “Sehaty” account unless you grant access to someone else. You will also have access to your dependents’ accounts if they are less than 19 years of age.

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SEHATY Features


 Health Profile
This will give an overview of the most recent information as recorded in your health record, like eligibility information,account balance,  allergies, blood type and a summary of your current medications.

A graphical display of the dates of your upcoming appointments and lab tests.

Provides a place holder for all information provided from your connected smart devices like glucometers or smart scales that allow your providers to keep track of your information on the smart medical devices.

This feature enables you to view your upcoming appointments, request to reschedule or cancel existing appointments.

 Medical Conditions
View a list of Diagnosis as obtained from your KFSH&RC electronic health record.

You can view and print your current and inactive medications and learn more details about your medications by clicking on “details.”

 Health Maintenance
View a list of preventive screenings, procedures or immunizations recommended for you based on age, gender and medical history.

View a list of immunizations either taken or recommended for you based on age, gender and medical history. Due dates are included to help you decide when to request an immunization.

 Laboratory Tests
View details of upcoming or completed laboratory and procedure results. Most test results are automatically released into SEHATY, with the exception of certain sensitive confidential tests.

View reports of all completed Radiology exams and procedures. Most reports are automatically released into Sehaty, with the exception of certain sensitive exams.

 Documents & Reports
View medical reports including discharge summaries or medical evaluations. Most reports are automatically released into Sehaty, with the exception of certain sensitive reports.

 Vital Signs
View values and graphs for your vital signs, height and weight as documented on each visit.

 Surgical Procedures
View details of completed surgical procedures.

 Pathology Reports
View reports of completed Pathology tests and procedures. Most reports are automatically released into Sehaty, with the exception of certain sensitive tests.

 Hospital Visits
View and print details of your previous hospital visits to Outpatient, Inpatient and Emergency Department. Request a statement of visits and rate your visits within the first 7 days of your visit to the hospital. Rating your visits helps us to improve our services.

View details of your approved medical supplies.

 Personal Profile
Provides personal information and emergency contacts. Whenever a red empty field is displayed, it means that this information is not available to your health care provider and you need to fill that up. If the information is in green, it means that you have the ability to update that information if needed.

This feature also allows you to:

  • View your dependents’ or people you are authorized to access
  • Give access to others
  • View who has access to your records

 Suggestions and Complaints
Provides you the ability to send and track your suggestions or complaints in an easily structured format.

 My Requests
Allows you to keep track of all kinds of requests like, medications, appointments or suggestions and complaints.

For more information about KFSH&RC’s Sehaty Patient Portal, contact the e-Services Support at:
Phone: 199099  - 121



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