Health & Wellbeing symposium - Your Health is your Wealth

Post Graduate Centre, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre - Riyadh


Health & Wellbeing symposium—Your Health is Your Wealth -  is the first Health  and Wellness symposium which will focus upon various health related conditions that could impact individuals, their families and the community at large.   The extensive program covers many health topics which could impact many lives.  The event facilitators will be co-joined with international representatives including healthcare professionals from King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in collaboration with the AlFaisal University school of Medicine. 

The program objectives are:

  • Educating healthcare employees and professionals about preventable diseases and their impact on the community including global health
  • Educating the community on best ways to improve their own lifestyles for a healthier and fulfilling life and to equip then with information to improve the life of their dependents and families.
  • Providing practical workshops on managing stress, the importance of sleep, smoking cessation, and improving productivity for business leaders by enabling them to manage their personal health

Date: 10-12 October, 2016

Venue: King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre- Post Graduate Conference Auditorium and Conference Rooms


In collaboration with the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization we are proud to present International and local experts in the field of lifestyle medicine, including diabetes, obesity, exercise medicine and stress management and Dr Roizen from the Cleveland Clinic foundation and many local speakers who will present lectures, as well as public education sessions and interactive programs.


To include nurses, physicians and allied healthcare workers as well the public with an inclusive branch to include executives and management level individuals who have an interest in health, safety and wellbeing.  It is anticipated that the extensive program will assist all attendees to improve their personal awareness of the effects of lifestyle diseases on their everyday life, with an overarching goal to assist executives and leaders to improve the morale and productivity of their employees.


The initial sessions on the afternoon of 10th October following registration will be interactive workshops to include Stress and mindfulness in the workplace, Enhancing your sleep for better productivity, Exercise at work and tools to maximize your workplace performance.  These interactive sessions will empower you to review your current lifestyle and equip you to make the necessary adjustments to enhance your physical and psychological wellbeing.  These sessions are suited to all interested parties including organizational leaders and executives.

The medical program has been designed to include multiple tracks, covering important health topics such as public ill health prevention, Physician and Nursing wellbeing, pediatric and patient health and safety.

The public sessions are geared to engage the wider community with information related to lifestyle modification techniques to encompass issues such as nutrition, sleep, stress and exercise.

Along with the Symposium, we will prepare for online public health campaign which includes variety of health messages and multimedia , kindly follow us at health education twitter account @KFSHRC_HE 

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Prof. Adrian Kennedy

Hans Diehl

Max Strom

Eric Kung

Chris Moulton


Hisham Alomran

Mohammed Shafiq

Farooq Pasha

Ziad Rayes

Narges Daliri

Shareefa Alabdulmonem

Tara Luckie