Men's Health Campaign for Awareness and Early Detection of Prostate Cancer

KFSH&RC - Riyadh


Campaign for Awareness of Early Detection of Prostate Cancer in Saudi Arabia

Vision: To spread awareness of prostate cancer in Saudi population, particularly men over age of 45 years with emphasis on the value of early detection to maximize the benefit of treatment.

Mission: To facilitate the early detection of prostate cancer and achieving the highest level of cure from this disease in Saudi Arabia.

Goals: To establish a campaign for awareness of prostate cancer all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and perform a PSA blood test exam which represent the best available test for early detection of prostate cancer targeting at least ten thousand Saudi male above age of 45.

Why Do We Need to Do This Campaign?
The majority of patients with prostate cancer in Saudi Arabia present in advanced stage (either locally advanced or metastatic) and this lead to higher mortality and worse outcome even after treatment, where is the situation is totally different in western countries where the presentation of the disease is early and so the mortality is low and the outcome is excellent after treatment.


KFSH&RC- Riyadh, North Tower Lobby: 8-26 October 2017

KFSH&RC- Riyadh, Outpatient Lobby: 29 October - 16 November 2017