Otolaryngology / Head & Neck Surgery


The Department of Otolaryngology mission is to provide the population of Saudi Arabia with the highest quality medical care through comprehensive diagnosis, management & treatment of various otolaryngological diseases.  The scope of service includes medical, surgical, audiological and speech therapy treatments.  We have vast experience with otolaryngological diseases related to organ transplant, and immunocompromised patients.  Also, we have a unique experience in the Kingdom in Head and Neck Cancer, Cochlear Implants, Rhinology, General Otolaryngology & Otology

 Exemplary clinical care to best possible clinical outcomes in the areas of, rhinology, communication disorders and head & neck cancers.  We have large experience in treating head and neck cancer cases, cochlear implants. And complicated paranasal sinus and ear diseases including skull base surgeries.

 Number, Types and Ages of Patients Served Annually:

 Total no. of patient seen for 2014 = 6,953.   1st 3 quarters 2015 = 5190.  All ages, from birth to geriatrics.

 Scope and Complexity of Patient Care Needs:

  1. Head & Neck Tumor Surgery
  2. Otology, Neurotology with middle and post skull base surgery and cochlear implants,
  3. Rhinology with anterior skull base surgery
  4. General Otolaryngology
  5. Protocol patients
  6. Administration
  7. Employees and their dependents

 Quality of provided services:

 We are adhering to the International North American standards of operations, diagnosis, and management.

The Audiology Clinic: Serves KFSHRC outpatient and inpatient departments, as well as KFCCC. We provide routine and specialized diagnostic and screening tests of hearing and balance for patients of all ages, as well as prevention and specialized audiological management services ranging from simple amplification devices (i.e. hearing aids) to sophisticated pre/post-cochlear implant management.