Nutrition Services


Nutrition Services is dedicated to providing and promoting optimal nutritional therapy for its patients & community through expertise, leadership in nutrition services, research and education. We strive to attain the highest quality of care and services through effective and efficient management of resources, systems and changes. We are committed to the education of students, staff skills and knowledge, and supporting community education.  

Scope of Service

Inpatient Nutrition
(All inpatient units in the main hospital, KFSH-East and Children’s Cancer Center)

  • Assess within 72 hours of admission
  1. Patients who have been identified by nursing as ‘at high nutritional risk’
  2. All patients admitted to critical care areas and pediatric ward
  • Assess all admitted patients within 7 days after admission, if not referred to nutrition
  • Assess patient nutritional needs based on disease states, anthropometric, dietary intake and clinical data
  • Educate patients and their caregivers on therapeutic diets as needed

Ambulatory Care   

  • Outpatient Clinic Scheduling

Thirty-seven (37) Nutrition Outpatient Clinics are scheduled weekly to cover all medical specialties for both Pediatric & Adult      

  • Day Procedure Center and Emergency Room

The unit contacts the on-call dietitian to arrange for a dietitian assessment if urgent.

Department programs:

  1. Dietetic Internship Training Program
  2. Nutrition Course for Food Services Diet Clerks
  3. Dietitians’ training program.
  4. Gastrology & metabolic follow ship Nutrition Training program
  5. Summer Trainee Program
  6. Al Faisal student Educational sessions
  7. Teaching Al Faisal students Nutrition course


  1. Nutrition International Conference (every 2 years)
  2. Nutrition Awareness day (every 2 years)
  3. Continuously Organizing Nutritional courses/workshops
  4. Participating in other departments’ awareness days
  5. Our experts provide more than 15 presentations per year in international conferences

New Services:

  • Open pediatric nutrition clinic for Liver transplant patients
  • New Nutrition On-call System, which is an extension that any patient can call any time.
  • New Nutrition CCC On-call System, which is an extension that any patient can call any time.
  • New Metabolic Nutrition On-call System for inpatients
  • New Nutrition Message Center
  • Take home supply program

Research and studies:

  • Initiation of a research study on ‘low protein food effect on PKU patients’
  • Participating in a Study titled ‘The Effect of Low Protein Products on Patients with Amino Acids Metabolism Disorders’ 
  • Research study ‘Impact of Immunonutrition in Liver Transplant patients’ as a secondary co-investigator
  • Participating in a study (An open Label, Multicenter, Multinational Study of the Safety, efficacy and pharmacokinetics of Asfotase Alfa in infants and children less than 5 years of age with Hypophosphatasia (HPP)).


1-Pediatric Nutrition
2- Adult Nutrition
3- King Abdullah Centre for Oncology & Liver Diseases

Contact Information

Dietitian Main Hospital On-call


Metabolic Out-Patient On-call

055-632-4110  (8:00 am-12:00 pm)