Heart Center

From state of the art technology to world leading physicians, staff and researchers the Heart Centre deliver life-saving and life-long care to patients from the very moment of birth until well into advanced age.

The volume and complexity of valve surgery performed at the Heart Centre rivals any top center on the globe. The Congenital Heart Disease Program provides unique specialized care to this patient population while the King Faisal led Congenital Heart Disease Registry facilitates world leading research to advance the body of scientific knowledge in this field.


  • The department has experienced a number of successes such as the implementation of new services including:

- The heart transplant program at KFSH&RC performed 26 transplants in 2014 putting it among the top 22% of transplant centers in the world. The program is complemented by a team of specialists using the most advanced treatment modalities including ECMO (Extracorporeal Membranous Oxygenation), Ventricular Assist Devices and the Syncardia and Berlin total artificial hearts.

- First live transmission of Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization with Stent and Valve insertion from KFSH&RC to the Pediatric and Adult Interventional Cardiac Symposium in Chicago June 8, 2014

- Four implants of Watchman Device for LA Appendage Occlusion performed

- Building Cardio-Oncology Program – Site visits conducted in the USA.

- Expanding and restructuring ACHD (Adult Congenital Heart Disease) Program - admitting privileges extended to pediatric cardiologists with ACHD training

- Pacemaker and ICD Battery change now done as same day procedure.

  • The department submitted the first annual progress report for Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence and have received positive feedback from the accreditation body.