Sehaty Application




KFSH&RC have launched Sehaty Application which enables users to access their health care records anywhere anytime to perform several tasks and submit requests too which includes the following:

  • Health Profile, Gives an overview of the most recent information as recorded in patients’ health records.

  • Lifestyle, Provides a place holder for all information provided from your connected smart devices like Glucometers or smart scales. It reads the information stored in your smart phone if you choose to activate the functionality and allow your health care provider to keep track of your progress.

  • Appointments, This feature enables you to view your own and your dependent, upcoming appointments Postpone or cancel existing appointments

  • Medical Conditions, View a list of Diagnosis and Complaints as obtained from the electronic health record

  • Medications, View a list of their current and inactive medications, request prescription renewals.

  • Health Maintenance, View a list of procedures or immunizations recommended for you based on age, gender and medical history.

  • Immunization, View a list of immunizations either taken or recommended for you based on age, gender and medical history

  • Laboratory Tests, View details of any future or completed laboratory tests and procedure results

  • Radiology, View reports of all completed Radiology exams and procedure.

  • Documents, View or request all kinds of medical reports including like discharge summaries or medical evaluation

  • Vital Signs, View values and graphs for your vital signs, height and weight as documented on each visit

  • Surgical Procedures, View details of completed surgical procedures

  • Pathology, View reports of all completed Pathology tests and procedure.

  • Hospital Visits, View the details of your previous hospital visits to outpatient, inpatient and emergency department.

  • Supplies, View and request approved, supplies required for you or your dependents

  • Personal Profile, Provides personal information and emergency contacts address

  • And others

The goal of this initiative was driven by promoting “Patient Experiences” through meeting their growing expectations and satisfying their demands by effective engagements through the use of technology as an efficient and effective communication platform.

To enable beneficiaries from using Sehaty application, they must first register through Sehaty Portal or the registration offices in the hospital using their Identification card “ID” to update their information and activate their personal account.

Now you can Download Sehaty App. from Apple store.

And for Android devices from Google Play.