The Admission section works 24 hours/seven days a week and processes all admission requests. It is comprised of the reception area and bed board control area.

  • The bed board area is the busiest and the most crucial areas not only within the Department, but also in the Hospital as a whole. The Bed board staff plays a lead role in:
  1. Coordinating between the Case Managers, EMS staff, floor Nurses and Health Care Providers in an effort to expedite patient admissions.
  2. Receiving patients’ queries regarding admission status, and upon the physician’s discretion, give instruction accordingly
  3. Coordinating rooms for patients and preparing Daily Hospital Census report, VIP In-House report, Employee and Dependent In-House report and a Weekly Physician report.
  • The Admission Reception Section is the area which all admission paperwork is processed.
  1. Interviewing patients for all demographic and administrative data.
  2. Informing the patients about policies and procedures with regards to sitters, visitors and safekeeping of valuables.
  3. Explaining the consents and the Patient’s Bill of Rights to the patient and/or the patient’s relatives; entering all biographic data in the system; retrieving all patients’ processed information in a systematic order and; preparing arm bands, identification plates and inpatient medical charts.
  • The Pre-registration staff in the Emergency Reception (24 hours/seven days a week)
  1. Interviewing patients or their relatives briefly as they arrive to the Emergency Medical Services (DEM) in order to direct them.
  2. Performing all needed tasks such as: processing the admission paperwork; issue, rescheduling, and cancelling outpatient appointments; opening Medical Record charts as needed.



Accreditations & Awards