This department serves to prevent the risk of infection transmission within healthcare environment via medical devices, surgical instruments /equipment & patient care products. CSSD in KFSHRC?Jeddah is considered as a training and knowledge centre in the western region, playing a crucial role in the establishment of high quality standards in order to maintain consistent high standards for sterilization technique and decontamination processes.
CSSD helps in a hospital set up with several advantages such as:

  1.  Assured control of infection transmission via patient diagnostic /patient care products.
  2. Increased efficiency due to proper utilization of equipment and manpower.
  3. Enhanced component life.
  4. Improved Inventory control, packing and distribution.


We successfully procured some machines which increased our efficiency in reprocessing trays and instruments.
TD 100 Cardiac TEE probe disinfector takes only 17 minutes to disinfect and turnaround the probe. The manual method takes 30 minutes for a probe turnaround. This is the first machine of its kind in whole western region.
Result: 13 minutes save in time for one probe and measurable result for quality cleaning. In one week we are processing 15?20 probes, which makes the time saved 260mts.

The STERIS VISION disinfectant washer, has less cycle time due to its increased turbo efficiency. The old machines were taking One hour for cycle completion whereas Vision takes 50 minutes. By procuring this machine we saved 10 minutes per cycle (daily 10 cycles) which contributed substantial manpower hours and early turnaround of processed trays.


All CSSD technicians are registered and certified by IAHCSMM, a premier organization for CSSD technicians established in1958, headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. They achieved this by their willingness to take extra effort and the urge to have professional development, education and knowledge. CSSD certification from IAHCSMM is considered as a gold standard for CSSD professionals all over the world.


  1.Performance Improvement-Quality Award

We were chosen from clinical quality improvement by hospital administration. An award was honoured upon us by chief executive officer Dr.Qasim Al Qasabi for this excellent result.

    2. Appreciation

External auditor Sullivan Healthcare consulting from U.S.A, confirmed and lauded the high quality standards set up in CSSD. They were also surprised to know the high surgeon satisfaction rate with regard to CSSD services which according to them a rare phenomenon.

    3. Appreciation

Corporate executive team officials from Johnson & Johnson Company, who visited K.S.A for assessing health care advancements, came to KFSHRC Jeddah, selected CSSD department for a visit. After their visit and interaction with the employees of CSSD, confirmed that our quality measures are same or a cut above some U.S hospitals.


New Saudi council requirement to have a diploma in CSSD course, which is not available in other countries, is a big challenge. International certification and technical hands on experience is what needed in most countries including U.S and Europe.
Recent concerns about human transmissible viruses and poorly defined risk of prion transmission have put the disinfection and sterilization procedures at high risk. CSSD has to be constantly in touch with the new trends and rapidly changing methods followed world?wide.
More and more minimally invasive sophisticated instruments such as flexible scopes, TEE probes. Laser probes are put into corrective and diagnostic procedures in every speciality. The instrument become more expensive, delicate and with multichannel and parts means our job of reprocessing them gets more and more challenging.


Accreditations & Awards