The Audiology Clinic:  Serves KFSHRC outpatient and inpatient departments, as well as KFCCC. We provide routine and specialized diagnostic and screening tests of hearing and balance for patients of all ages, as well as prevention and specialized audiological management services ranging from simple amplification devices (i.e. hearing aids) to sophisticated pre/post-cochlear implant management.

 The Aural Rehabilitation Clinic: Provides highest level of rehabilitative services designed to meet the needs of children and adults with hearing impairment, who are using amplification (such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, BAHA, etc.). Pediatric rehabilitation focuses on the development of auditory and language skills in hearing impaired children, supporting their right to listen and communicate using spoken language.

 Number, Types and Ages of Patients Served Annually:

 Audiology clinic serves patients of all types (inpatients/outpatients) and of all ages (newborns to older adults). The number of patients seen per Annum in Audiology clinic = 4658 (number averaged over years 2012, 2013, and 2014).

 Scope and Complexity of Patient Care Needs:

-Audiologists develop and oversee hearing screening programs to detect individuals with hearing loss, and allow for early intervention.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Assessment of hearing includes the administration and interpretation of behavioral and electro-physiologic measures of the peripheral and central auditory systems. Assessment of the vestibular system includes administration and interpretation of behavioral and electrophysiologic tests of equilibrium. Assessment is accomplished using standardized testing procedures and appropriately calibrated instrumentation.


-The audiologist is the professional who provides the full range of audiologic treatment services for adults and children of all ages who are diagnosed with any impairment of hearing and vestibular function.

-The audiologist is responsible for the evaluation, fitting, and verification of amplification devices and provides counseling and training regarding their use.

-Audiologists also are involved in the treatment of persons with vestibular disorders. They participate as full members of balance treatment teams.

-The audiologist is the member of the implant team (e.g., cochlear implants, middle ear implantable hearing aids, fully implantable hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids, and all other amplification/signal processing devices) who determines audiologic candidacy based on hearing and communication information, providing pre and postsurgical assessment, counseling, and all aspects of audiologic treatment including auditory training, rehabilitation, implant programming, and maintenance of implant hardware and software.

-The audiologist is a source of information for family members, other professionals and the general public, providing counseling regarding hearing loss, the use of amplification systems, strategies for improving speech recognition, and the effects of hearing loss on communication and psycho-social status in personal, social, and vocational areas.

Hearing Conservation

The audiologist designs, implements and coordinates hearing conservation programs. This includes identification and amelioration of noise-hazardous conditions, identification of hearing loss, recommendation and counseling on use of hearing protection, and employee education. Four preventive programs of hearing screening and monitoring are being offered at the Audiology clinic in KFSHRC:

  • Universal Newborn Hearing Screening of high risk neonates, as well as well babies.
  • Pediatric pre-chemotherapy hearing assessment and monitoring.
  • Baseline hearing assessment of employees working in Laundry unit, and are at risk of noise induced hearing loss.
  • Baseline hearing assessment of employees working in Hyperbaric unit, and are at risk of noise induced hearing loss.

Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring

Audiologists administer and interpret intraoperative electrophysiologic measurements of neural function.

Quality of provided services:

The Audiology Section ensures that all the services provided meet up to date international standards.


Accreditations & Awards