The Department of Critical Care Medicine operates a "closed" ICU with 53 beds for adult medical and surgical patients.  Annual admissions average 1850. We provide tertiary care facilities for critically ill patients based on evidence-based practices and state-of-the-art technology.  Our multidisciplinary medical team consists of 17 consultant intensivists, 15 assistant intensivists, 4 fellows and 3 permanent and 8-10 rotating residents. KFSH&RC is the largest transplant center in the area, in our ICU, we take care of patients with solid organ transplant, including liver, lung and kidney in addition to bone marrow transplant. We have an active neurosurgery and oncology surgery dealing with complex surgical cases. Respiratory therapists provide continuous on-site support for patients with acute and chronic respiratory failure, and an experienced multinational nursing staff provides1:1 cover for all critically ill patients. Critical Care Medicine provides quality care to severely ill patients and working to optimize resource utilization and increase the ability to manage patient needing life support, locally in special lower care areas such as High Dependency Unit or Home Mechanical Ventilation Program, and nationally through the Tele-ICU Program.


The mission of the Department of Critical Care Medicine is to provide the highest quality medical care to adults in critical condition in a setting that bestows education to future adult critical care providers and leaders and promotes relevant research in line with the General Organization’s mission.


  • To provide the highest up to date quality adult critical care, and ascertain improvement of patient care through its assimilation into the hospital’s integrated database, with capability to report measurement indicators and medical errors, standardizing care by applying best practices in the form of care bundles, protocols, and preprinted order forms, ensuring adequate staffing to deliver safe effective care, and training of medical staff on the methods and principles of performance improvement and patient safety.
  • To improve patient access to adult critical care through regular meetings with representatives of the other departments to facilitate proper utilization of resources, timely discharge of patients, availability of beds for surgery case, and timely admission of urgent cases.
  • To effectively run the Home Ventilation Program, continuously refining the Program and ensuring availability of adequate infrastructure to sustain the Program.
  • To train staff to become leaders in the field of adult critical care, attracting Saudi and international fellows, Saudi residents from other Hospitals, establishing an effective orientation program for trainees, providing adequate supervision to ensure proper training and safe patient care, and ensuring that consultants are up to date and are receiving proper training on new technologies.
  • To conduct relevant research, through the establishment of a support research infrastructure, identifying priority research areas, establishment of collaboration with the Research Center, as well as other national and international research groups.
  • To create an adult ICU “without walls”, through the creating of a virtual adult ICU and through support of the Rapid response Team functions at KFSH&RC (General Organization).
  • To improve care of terminally ill patients, through educating patients, families and healthcare providers on the importance of identifying barriers to end of life planning and of advanced directives pertinent to end of life planning, and through establishment of a multidisciplinary team to care for the patients and their families


  • Collaborating with other institutions for multi-center research projects
  • Training all ACCM MDs for Advanced ultrasound use in ICU
  • Continuously providing support to Rapid Response Team.
  • Implementation of paperless ICU





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