Engineering, Utilities and Maintenance (EU&M) Division-Jeddah branch reports administratively to the Administrative Services Group-KFSH&RC-Jeddah branch and functionally to the Facility Management Group –KFSH&RC (Gen. Org) - Corporate Level – Riyadh. The EU&M division strives for excellence in providing innovated design & development, patient focused project management of Hospital major and minor renovation and construction projects from concept to the final execution and maintaining uninterrupted operations of the vital utilities ensuring reliability of facilities in conformity with the applicable standards, policies and procedures.

Engineering, Utilities and Maintenance division aims to improve the existing facilities and system to maximize the likelihood of desired healthcare outcome in a way that is consistent with current professional knowledge.


The Engineering, Utilities and Maintenance Division is comprised of four (4) Departments namely:                                                            

  • Design & Development

Provide architectural/engineering design, drawings and specifications from concept to the final construction for renovation and modification projects in compliance with applicable codes & standards.

  • Project Task Force

Executes and undertakes demolition & construction works for any routine & non-routine tasks and in- house projects with minimum interruption to the operational activities of the hospital 

  • Project Supervision

Supervises and implements major hospital projects and accomplish the approved construction according to specified plan and given time schedule.

  • Maintenance

Provides maintenance and operation services of essential utilities for the hospital buildings & healthcare areas, and monitors all important pointers ensuring safe and secure environment  for patient, visitors and hospital staff.


  • Department of Emergency Medicine Expansion

The provision of Construction work for Emergency Expansion in the Main Hospital was completed on 28 February 2015.

  • Research Centre and Molecular Lab

Supply and Installation of Laboratory Casework and Utilities for the Research Center and Laboratories completion date on 20 April 2015.

  • Laundry Expansion

The Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Laundry Equipment, Relocation, Reinstallation and Commissioning of Existing Laundry Equipment and Replace the Steam Network in Laundry Section Project completed on 10 September 2015.

  • Construction of New Helipad at VIP Garden Area

Design and Construction of Helipad at VIP Parking Area was computed on 29 July 2015.

  • Re-location of Pediatric & OB/GYN out-patients clinics to South Building

Construction of New Pediatric & OB-Gyne Clinics in the second floor of the Medical Support, South Building, completed of the Target Plan Date on 24 August 2015.

Accreditation or Awards

  1. Support and Contribution to the Joint Commission Accreditation 2014
  2. Executive Management Performance Award 2011



Accreditations & Awards