Provides hygienically clean healthcare laundry services that meet the highest standards for quality and infection control. In-progress is the construction of a state-of-the-art “KACO&LD Industrial Healthcare Laundry” facility. It is the most automated and technologically advanced industrial healthcare linen laundering ‎facility in ‎the ‎Middle East.‎ ‎The 3,157 m² incorporates the latest technology and infrastructure with modern equipment. It is design and built within an existing 12,630-m² central plant facility. The facility was developed with concern to the environment in mind ‎and utilizes the re-use principles and energy efficiencies.‎The new equipment is designed to save time, energy and ‎water. Additionally, cost of chemical consumption will greatly be reduced, as this is the most energy efficient ‎equipment that exists.


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