Gamma irradiation is a simple and safe process involving the exposure of products to radiation from an intense cobalt-60 gamma source, for a pre-determined time so as to receive a prescribed sterilizing dose. Being a 'cold' process, heat-sensitive materials like plastics can be effectively sterilized so as to be extensively used for manufacturing of medical products with flexibility in packaging and shape of the products.

The Gamma Irradiation Facility (GIF) aim is to provide gamma irradiation services for sterilization, disinfection and radiation effect studies for KFSH&RC departments and healthcare products' manufacturers in the Kingdom.

GIF was established in 1980 for the sterilization of healthcare products at KFSH&RC. Nowadays, GIF offers commercial sterilization services to manufacturers of healthcare and pharmaceutical products. Consequently, single use, pre-packed and sterilized health care products have become available on a large scale. The products commonly sterilized by gamma radiation include cotton products (e.g., gauze and dressings), metallic products (e.g., tubes, needles and surgical blades), pharmaceuticals (e.g., ophthalmic ointments and antibiotic powders), plastic and rubber products (e.g., gloves, catheters and Petri dishes), contraceptives, sutures and beauty and cosmetic powders. All processing parameters are validated by international standards such as IAEA, & ISO-11137 guidelines for operation of gamma sterilization irradiators.

We expose products to gamma radiation at different doses to produce sterilization or disinfection, conduct scientific experiments on materials to study the effect of radiation and its compatibility with sterilization and advise our customers on compatibility of packaging materials and good manufacturing practice.


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