The Radiobiology Section (RBS) provides the biological basis of the many uses of radiation in medicine and allied health professions. The RBS is devoted to investigating the actions of radiation on living materials and organisms. It covers the three major clinical radiological specialties: diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy, along with the potential detrimental effects on the general population from non-medical uses of different types of radiation.

The RBS laboratory works in close collaboration with radiation oncologists and other physicians in the hospital. Radiation therapy is a major arm of cancer treatment along with surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and emerging immune and gene therapy. The radiosensitivity of tumors and normal tissues varies considerably between patients. These variations are mainly governed by genetic factors. Works focus on studying the genetic determinants of radiosensitivity in Saudi cancer patients. The aim is to identify a predictive test that will allow for tailoring of the cancer treatment regime for each individual patient. The objective is to improve treatment outcome by increasing tumor control while reducing complications in normal tissues and improving quality of life for cancer survivors.


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