• Inpatient Pharmacy: provides 24/7 state of the art pharmaceutical care to all hospital floors according ASHP and JCIA standards. This pharmacy covers most non critical units during day hours, and takes over all units after midnight hence, making it an area of great complexity.


  • IV Admixture Pharmacy: is the first USP-797 compliant IV admixture in the Middle East. It is responsible for compounding sterile products (CSPs) including: Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), chemotherapy admixture and various extemporaneous preparations, home TPN services, and intravenous antibiotics to the Home Health Care Patients to KFSH&RC patients. These services are currently provided through the effective use of ‘skill mix’ of pharmacy staff.


  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) Pharmacy: composed of the core team whose duties are to respond and consult for adult and pediatric TPN throughout the hospital in addition a peripheral team of pharmacist that is composed of clinical pharmacists who are responsible for TPN consults within their service. TPN pharmacist is also responsible of patient assessment, if they are deemed candidates for TPN, prescribing TPN, and followed the patient until he/she is able to be fed enterally.


  • Medication Safety and Quality Service: this service is involved in the continuous monitoring and improvement of the medication use process in the hospital, with the purpose of assuring safe and timely process and facilitates continuous evaluation of the medication management system to implement strategies that reflect medication safety best practices and eliminate actual and potential system failures and errors. It also ensures compliance with the related accreditation standards.



Accreditations & Awards