King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) realizes the importance of Social Responsibility in community, which goes beyond providing exceptional health care services and promotes the concept of healthy lifestyle for individuals and society, both within or outside the Organization.

As a result, KFSH&RC has established a Social Responsibility Department under the direct supervision of the CEO. The department is responsible for devising and implementing strategic programs to enhance community health concepts that are in line with best practices in various health care sectors. The department aims at accomplishing this by collaborating with local and international foundations and organizations to raise the community health awareness.


  • To develop strategies related to social responsibility programs with clearly defined vision and goals.
  • To establish partnerships and alliances with relevant foundations and organizations to raise health awareness in society.
  • To constantly update the content of e-gate platform in line with the global quality standards and create communication channels that help raise awareness at individual and community level. 

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Design and implement health care and social responsibility programs for the Organization along with activities for the community to raise awareness about health conditions.
  2. Initiate knowledge exchange programs between national and international foundations to enhance the level of health services provided to society.
  3. Promote awareness about health care and lifestyle through unconventional mediums and channels including social media platforms.
  4. Support the concept of preventive healthcare by raising awareness about precautionary measures against diseases with the help of advanced technologies.
  5. Design training programs specializing in preventive health awareness.
  6. Device an integrated system to raise disease awareness in compliance with the agenda of the World Health Organization. 
  7. Develop and implement valuable content dedicated to KFSH&RC keeping up with the highest global quality standards.
  8. Design and promote educational programs and activities centered around enhancing the overall health care system in KSA, and organize conferences for experts and professionals in the medical field in order to raise health awareness. 
  9. Publish electronic and printed educational materials aimed at raising awareness at both individual and society level.

Organizational structure:

A Manager reporting directly to the CEO of KFSH&RC supervises the management and operations of the Social Responsibility Department in the Foundation.

The Social Responsibility Department consists of three departments as per the organizational  structure, which are:

1.Public Health

This section was setup to provide many health awareness services by strategic collaboration with all other departments in KFSH&RC in order to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Communicate with government and non-government entities and charity organizations to raise health awareness, and prevention of diseases by conducting specialized workshops, seminars and conferences
  2. Spread regional health awareness through clearly defined programs using advanced technologies
  3. Provide electronic and printed health materials regarding important health related information aiming to raise individual and society health awareness

2.Health Education for Patients and Families

KFSH&RC believes in providing the patients and their families with the highest level of health education. In addition, the pre-treatment and discharge education is also a part of the social responsibility of the Organization.

Health Education for Patients and Families, as affiliated to Social Responsibility Department, provides 13 health education programs aiming to enhance awareness about diseases and treatments along with providing consultations and support after discharge. The activities and support provided by Health Education Department is aimed at ensuring continuous interaction with the patients after discharge. These health education activities include courses, group courses and consultations over the phone.

These programs, aimed at raising health awareness within the patients and their families, provide advice on how to coexist with and prevent the disease with healthy lifestyle.

The section educates patients and their families through on-line blogs, health information on Portal platform of the Organization that contains videos, electronic brochures and health tips, and through social media platforms.

Health education programs include the following:

  • Adult Diabetes Education
  • Pediatric Diabetes Education
  • Prenatal Diabetes Education
  • Blood Disorders and Cancer Patients Education
  • Chemotherapy Patient Education
  • Liver Transplantation Education
  • Pediatric Blood Disorder and Immunodeficiency Education.
  • Pediatric Blood Disorder Education
  • Pediatric Stem Cells transplantation Education.
  • Adult Radiation Therapy Education.
  • Pediatric Radiation Therapy Education.
  • Kidney Transplantation education.
  • Pediatric Surgery Education.

3.E-Gate (specialized Health Encyclopedia)

KFSH&RC provides integrated health encyclopedia – a portal dedicated to raising awareness about health and disease prevention and promoting healthy lifestyle for everyone.




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