Talent Management will contribute to increasing the organizational effectiveness and readiness of the workforce within KFSH&RC (Gen Org).  Providing best practice workforce strategies to support succession planning and career planning and development to realize the organizational strategic priorities and increase the organization’s competitive advantage.


To build partnerships and mutual relationships with all stakeholders in order to implement effective talent management practices and solutions that will contribute to better selection, development, and retention of employees in support of current staffing needs and future business growth (Talent Magnet).



In 2012, the Talent Management Department, a key department under Human Resources Management- Corporate Level, was established to intensify focus on internal identification and development efforts for high potential and high performing employees corporate wide (Including both Riyadh & Jeddah locations). To realize the KFSH&RC mission, ‘to provide the highest level of specialized healthcare in an integrated education and research setting’, the Talent Management Department designed and created the organization’s first Talent Development Program- ‘We Care’ which is tasked as one of the strategic plan initiatives for our 2020 Vision.

The Talent Development Program- “We Care” is KFSH&RC’s start to implementing a full succession plan process.  From the inside out we are creating and building a pipeline of ready personnel to help lead the organization into the future.  With the behavioral competency based workshops, eLearning courses, and one on one career coaching, the organization is developing and strengthening its systematically assessed and identified potential leaders to meet the organization’s current and future business needs and objectives.

One of the Talent Management Department's Goals and Objectives for 2015 was to design and develop a new Talent Development Program that more strategically was in alignment with the overall Corporate Strategy vs. the 2014/2015 program that was mainly built around the KFSHRC's 7 Behavioral Competencies.

The newly designed 2016 & 2017 Talent Development Program is built around the following Four (4) major components:

  1. KFSHRC's Vision 2020 (Strategic Priorities & Strategic Direction)
  2. The 5 Driving Forces that shape the Strategic Priorities of KFSHRC
  3. KFSHRC's Long/Short-Term Operational Goals & Objectives as cascaded from KFSHRC's Strategic

Projects Programs

  1. KFSHRC's 7 Behavioral Competencies

For the first time, nominations were open to candidates from Medical & Clinical Affairs, Research Centre, and the Nursing Affairs departments to join the 2016 & 2017 Talent Development Program together with candidates from all over KFSH&RC (Gen Org) - Riyadh and Jeddah

As per the recommendation of the CEO, Dr. Qassim Al Qasabi , MD,FRCSI,FACS  , 9 (Nine ) of  the outstanding participants from the 2014-2015 Talent Development Program were nominated to join Cleveland Clinic’s International  Emerging Leader Fellowship  Program during the period from  14th September 2015 till 6th Nov 2015.

International Emerging Leaders Fellowship

The success and reputation of Cleveland Clinic Executive Education programs have generated a continued demand for a customized deep-dive experience for high-potential leaders. The International Emerging Leader Fellowship program gives organizations the opportunity for rich talent pipeline development in one of the following concentrations:

  • Finance
  • Patient Experience
  • Human Resources
  • Patient-centered Medical Home
  • Nursing
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Operations



In September 2015 , The 1st KING FAISAL SPECIALIST HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTER TALENT MANAGEMENT SYMPOUSIOM, themed, “Talent Management: As A Business Agent For Organizational Development”, was  a FREE event hosted by the Talent Management Department, under Human Resources Management – Corporate Level, for the Gen. Org (Riyadh & Jeddah), in order to bring awareness to KFSHRC, and the local community of the Riyadh, KSA -healthcare and non-healthcare organizations, profit, and non-for-profit institutions and potentially others within KSA & the GCC regarding the purpose, research, processes, methods and effects of full cycle Talent Management objectives and practices.

The Symposium had featured keynote speakers and presenters from across the world; internationally from the United States of America, Nationally within the GCC, and Locally from KSA and internally from within KFSHRC. With representation from the National Center on Healthcare Leadership, the Talent Management Institute- Effectiveness Inc., Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (Supporting Human Capital Development), Saudi ARAMCO, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF); Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity and from within KFSHRC – Ophthalmology, Nursing Affairs (Riyadh & Jeddah), and Respiratory Care Services, Riyadh.

A total of 127 delegates from KFSHRC-Riyadh and 64 delegates from different countries and fields of business out of 112 the external submitted registration requests had attended the 1st KFSHRC Talent Management Symposium.


Accreditations & Awards