Performance and Management Development is a department under Management and Policy Development Division, headed by a "Head" position reporting to Director, Management and Policy Development.

The goals of the department are as follows:

  1. Provide timely and reliable professional support and counsel in the evaluation and analysis, and monitoring the maintenance, of existing internal management practices, performance appraisal systems, the Hospital overall committee design, information management, forms analysis and design, and strategic management approaches that promote the development process to respond effectively to changing environments.
  2. Ensure that the institution has well-integrated management systems and sub-systems in place which contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the Organization.
  3. Provide effective consultative, advisory and facilitative support regarding systematic management work design and work process development to senior and executive management.
  4. Facilitate, in a timely manner, the design and development of a “Corporate Management Framework”, which articulates the management philosophy, values and principles of the institution.
  5. Ascertain access to worthy skills development training programs for department staff.
  6. Contribute effectively to the development of training programs for SCDP trainees whose career aim is in management development and performance evaluation and reward management.
  7. Provide professional and efficient strategic expertise in the formulation of a high performance system and culture in order to develop and drive capability by ensuring all staff work effectively to achieve success of KFSH&RC (Gen.Org.).
  8. Act as an internal HR Consultant to KFSH&RC (Gen.Org.) staff related to Performance Management, systems and procedures to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness.
  9. Translating knowledge into practical policy and procedures as well as efficient and consistent management process.


The duties and responsibilities of the department are as follows:

  1. Analysis/evaluation of Hospital management systems processes and practices.
  2. Providing consultative and advisory support on management issues.
  3. Performance appraisal system development.
  4. Design and analysis of committee system and monitoring of committee activities, which shall serve as management decision-support tool.
  5. Analysis and design of forms and forms control system.
  6. Ensuring relevancy, completeness, accuracy, efficiency, effectiveness, and updating of the information content of the M&PD homepage in addition to the Policies and Documents webpage.
  7. Monitoring, advice and suggestion on Performance Improvement (PI) Projects under Human Resource Management (HRM)
  8. Assistance in HRM change management plans.
  9. Assistance and advice on studies (e.g. employee satisfaction, etc.)
  10. Assistance in Key Performance Improvement (KPIs) development.
  11. Ensuring implementation of automation, electronic or paperless transactions.
  12. Review and issuance of all Hospital circulars [i.e. General Distribution memoranda (GDs), Limited Distribution memoranda (LDs) and Delegation of Authority memoranda (DAs)].
  13. Link the reward and performance practices with the strategic objectives that KFSH&RC (Gen.Org.) seek to achieve.
  14. Design, develop and implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) policies and procedures that will enable the organization to achieve excellence.
  15. Develop a list of competencies for each job in each job family to perform successfully a given job, and against which the performance can be assessed.
  16. Make use of Performance Management to generate better results from teams and individuals by understanding and managing performance within an agreed framework of planned goals, standards and competencies requirements.
  17. Take performance management theory and concepts and apply them to the execution of KFSH&RC (Gen.Org.)’s Performance process.
  18. Continuously articulate at all levels within KFSH&RC (Gen.Org.), and the organizational and individual benefits of effective Performance Management.
  19. Support the development of performance metrics as part of a balanced scorecard approach to performance management.
  20. Drive and oversee the successful implementation of the Oracle PM system.
  21. Maintaining Knowledge Management by coordinating and controlling of the flow (storage, retrieval, sharing, and disseminating) of organizational knowledge assets in an efficient manner, to ensure that they are accessible to employees when required.


  • Transformation of the old performance appraisal form to a paperless more effective performance culture (EPM).
  • Delivery of a course "Setting SMART Objectives to Build a High-Performance Culture".
  • Automation of Various Forms Processes
  • Creation of Committee Evaluation Project to measure effectiveness of Hospital Committees
  • Development of HRMS Reports on percentage of Saudization and 5-year Historical Data.
  • Review and update of Human Resources Internal Policies and Procedures (IPPs).                


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