Overview & Achievements:

The Undergraduate Medical Education at KFSH&RC is the latest addition to Academic and Training Affairs’ repertoire of academic and educational programs for future medical care providers. Based on the Board of Directors resolution King Faisal Specialist hospital & Research Centre became a co-founder of Alfaisal University and member of trustees. 

The hospital’s affiliation with Alfaisal University for provision of full-time clinical training to medical students completes the cycles of medical education that is highly successful at KFSH&RC. The medical students began to attend KFSH&RC in 2008 for short training sessions, and full time clinical training commenced in the academic year 2011/2012. Once the medical students completed their training, they could access the hospital’s internship training programs via the Undergraduate Medical Education to complement the final stages of acquiring certification as fully fledged physicians.


Most recently, the organisation met the Joint Commission International Accreditation’s criteria for Professional Medical Education and was accredited as an Academic Medical Centre Hospital in 2014.

Undergraduate medical education programs and medical internship training programs:

The Undergraduate Medical Education targeted more universities around the country and coordinated to accept medical students for several types of clinical training in addition to full time training, such as:

  • Elective pre-clinical/ short-time training
  • Elective summer training
  • Clinical research training
  • Medical internship training for interns

Participation in the hospital’s Medical Student Registration, Orientation and Training Program is essential for medical students to be accepted and start preparation for clinical training at KFSH&RC. The Undergraduate Medical Education is committed to providing a superior clinical educational experience under the supervision of our dedicated faculty physicians and based on the criteria of undergraduate medical education committee for medical students. Furthermore, the Undergraduate Medical Education at KFSH&RC has emerged as a vital component of Academic and Training Affairs, and we are fully committed to support the aspirations of our young medical students.


Accreditations & Awards