The Department of Inpatient Services was established to facilitate the delivery of safe, high quality medical, nursing, clinical and administrative services in a timely, professional, culturally sensitive and caring manner that meets or exceeds our patients’ expectations.

  1. To reduce admission waiting list.
  2. To reduce Average Length of Stay (ALOS).
  3. To increase discharge of patients who no longer require medical care at KFSH&RC, but still require nursing care are transferred/accepted under the home health care program, long term care program, short term (sub-acute) care program or in government hospitals as appropriate.
  4. To ensure that systems and processes are patient-friendly, e.g. appointments, cancelations, signage, patient-flow, communications, etc.
  5. To assure compliance with hospital policies, by-laws, rules and regulations and standards.
  6. To monitor the delivery of required services and the standard of work environment through management rounds, survey and/or quarterly quality/nursing visits to private hospitals.
  7. To provide and maintain effective communication with the medical, nursing and allied health staff and all Department Heads/Chairmen and management in private hospitals in regards to the charges of Inpatient Services.



  1. Establishment of the Discharge Lounge to provide a safe and comfortable environment for ambulatory patients who are discharged home but waiting for medications, medical supplies, appointments and/or family to pick up.  By moving patients to the Discharge Lounge as early as possible on the day of discharge, patients in the emergency room are provided with a much needed bed. 
  1. Addressed the Day Medical Unit flow issues on various services which resulted to increase in patient and service capacity, patient satisfaction and streamline patient flow. The challenge was the chronic problem of poor preparation/communication in regards to the patients visiting/referred to DMU.
  2. Enhancement and expansion of services provided to Home Health Care (HHC) patients treated in their own homes. The HHC Team developed the HHC telecommunication system (Call Center Service); recently implemented the narcotic infusion at home to manage pain and other symptoms control for HHC oncology palliative patients; introduced the chronic management via non pharmaceutical interventions (micro current electrical therapy); implemented SMS reminder to HHC patients; developed an electronic tracking system in ICIS.
  1. The outsourcing of patient care to active private hospitals provided continuity of care for dischargeable long term care patients who no longer require medical care in KFSH&RC, immediate care for sub-acute (short term) care patients and patients awaiting admission from the Emergency Room, and allowing the hospital to accommodate more patients.
  1. Outsourcing patients for the sleep study program is helping resolve the long waiting list of patients for sleep study and patient referrals for initial study or for CPAP titration in the Sleep Medicine Unit. There is only one (1) allotted bed for Sleep Medicine Unit to serve the entire hospital including inpatient and outpatient.
  1. Automation of the following in collaboration with concerned departments:
    1. Long stay patients - Inpatient Staying >30 Days
    2. Long term care patient programs
    3. Referral System for HHC
    4. Tracking System for HHC and DMU


  • Home Health Care Program
  • Long Term Care Program
  • Short Term (Sub-Acute) Care Program
  • Emergency/Acute Care Program
  • Sleep Study Program
  • Management of Patients Refusing/Difficult Discharges
  • Discharge Lounge



Accreditations & Awards