The department of Orthotics/Prosthetics provides services that involve design and fit devices known as orthoses (orthopedic braces) to enhance the functions and provide care for patients who have disabled conditions of the limbs, spine, and artificial limbs to  patients who have lost their limbs completely due to trauma or disease. This unique field deals with the use of specialized mechanical devices to support or to supplement weakened or abnormal joints or limbs.

New design innovations and advances in technology are offering dramatic benefits to people who use prosthesis or orthoses. Orthotics/Prosthetics Department is a key component to many medical  services, including but not limited to Orthopedic Surgery, neuro and neuro surgery, vascular surgery, Oncology and Pain management. Orthotics/Prosthetics Department plays vital role in  the comprehensive management of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and traumatic conditions in pediatric and adults.



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