The department is involved in a number of projects pertaining to cellular behavior in health and disease. A number of programs are running through intra and extramural funding. These include:

  1. Diabetes Research:
    The Department has developed many techniques investigating diet-induced metabolic syndrome and diabetes in animal models.
  1. Retinopathy Research:
    This program studies the development of diabetes retinopathy in AKITA mouse model where insulin Receptor 1 is mutated.
  1. Xenotransplantation Research:
    This research program studies the possibility of using animal organs as discordant xenograft in different species. The program involved heterotopic xenotrasnpantation from different species under various immunological conditions. In addition the program involves projects in which animal hearts are decellularized then recellularized using neonatal cardiac myocytes and embryonic stem cells.
  1. Diabesity Research:
    This involves the use of C elgans lipid metabolism and mitochondrial dysfunction.
  1. Immunoglobulin A (IgA) role in innate immunity.


(1) Diabetes Research 

(2) Xenotransplantation Research  

(3) Allergy and Medical Aerobiology Section 


  1. Publication of a paper in the World Applied Sciences Journal
  2. Submission of 1 original article (RAC #2150248) to BioMed Research International
  3. Conducted a workshop entitled, “Aeroallergens”, at the 5TH Saudi Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology Symposium, 15th April 2015, Postgraduate, KFSH&RC
  4. Chair of one (1) National and one (1) International Symposium.
  5. Member of organizing committee: Saudi Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology Symposium (SAACI) 2015, KFSH&RC.
  6. Co-Chair of a committee on Aeroallergen by World Allergy Organization.
  7. Submission of interim report of our project by NSTIP (Code 13-BIO814-20), “Respiratory Allergic Diseases in Saudi Arabia: A Program to Study Environmental Biological Pollutants and Toxic Fungi with the Establishment of a Biotechnology Laboratory for Continuation of the Program”.
  8. Training of 9 Saudi graduates during the last 9 months.
  9. Training of 3 Allergy and Immunology Fellows in the Section from the Department of Medicine.


Accreditations & Awards