Perioperative Services manages the integrated structure that links the Perioperative Committee to the day-to-day management system of all Operating Rooms (OR level 2 and OR level 4) including outlying operating rooms (Labor and Delivery, CCC OR, Dental, Dermatology, DMU OR), Day Surgical Unit (DSU), Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), and ensures smooth daily operations of the OR Holding area, OR Material Resources, OR Scheduling and Data Management, Central Sterile Supply Distribution (CSSD), and OR Blood Conservation Service.

Our goals are to achieve efficiencies in the utilization of OR resources and improve cost effectiveness in order to enhance the quality of care and patient satisfaction.  We also provide complete support and information to all concerned services in relation to monitoring workflow of patients, OR Utilization, OR Statistics and other related informatics system.

Provide complete support to all concerned services in dealing with equipment, instruments and supplies necessary for the functioning of the CSSD, OR Store and Operating Rooms with liaise to all logistics and related departments. We also provide necessary support in form of Blood conservation in order to reduce the need for blood transfusion. Our patients range from the very young to the very old and comprise a complex mix of surgical procedures with a wide range of requirements.


In 2014 we implemented the use of a case cart system which helps to streamline the preparation of equipment and supplies for surgical cases. We also opened our Brain Suite which is a specialized Operating Room containing an MRI that our Neurosurgeons use during surgery to pinpoint tumors and lesions. In 2015 we introduced the use of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.

We are performing many advanced surgical procedures and treatments such as the Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemoperfusion procedure (HIPEC) as well as Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT).


OR Material Resources (ORMR):

The Materials Resources section uses new technology such as WMS and OMNICELL system to increase the level of service for patient’s care. The OMNICELL is an automated dispensing system which enables us to control our supplies. ORMR maintains the inventory system of the Operating Rooms throughout the Riyadh organization and ensures that supplies are available when they are needed by the many different surgical specialties. The ORMR staff works with the nursing and medical staff to maintain patient safety and we operate in accordance with the “WE CARE” values.

  • Working as a team to provide quality care in safe environment.
  • Excellence in the service of care.
  • Culturally competent staff.
  • Accountability in our commitment to excellence.
  • Respect and compassion.
  • Ethical and fair service for all.

OR Blood Conservation & Isolated Organ Perfusion (BCIOP):

Our vision for the section is to set the standard in the provision of quality patient care and the development of methods and ideas for improving our services. We actively train all nursing and anesthesia staff, on an ongoing basis, in the use of cell saver, which is the technology that allows a patient’s own blood to be transfused back, thereby reducing the need for blood transfusions. We also provide the Plasma Rich Therapy where the patient’s own plasma cells are collected and injected into either the problem area, providing the stimulation need to jump-start and strengthen the healing process. The BCIOP section also participates in the delivering of the HIPEC treatments in our facility. With the HIPEC procedure the chemotherapy is delivered directly to the tumor, achieving a 10—1000 fold concentration over that of systemic.  It also lowers systemic toxicity, overcoming limitations of adhesion, and increases drug penetration. With this very advanced patient care, we have benefited more than 140 patients so far and have not only saved the hospital money but spared patients the ordeal of being sent abroad to obtain this type of specialized treatment.

Central Sterile Supply Distribution (CSSD)

CSSD provides sterilization services to the entire Riyadh organization with our focus on the Operating Room areas. We provided continuous education to staff and trainees in the form of regular in-services and a training program for CSSD technicians.  We also use modern tools and equipment to supply our patients with the best equipment and supplies.

Operating Room Scheduling and Data Management (ORSDM):

We supervise the schedulers in scheduling surgical procedures according to best practices and prioritizing cases such as scheduling our youngest patients earlier in the day to avoid prolonged fasting times, and giving priority to our tertiary type patients over non-tertiary patients. We emphasize the importance of communication between Perioperative Services, the OR schedulers, and other departments in order to minimize same day cancellations and improve patient preparedness for surgery. Validated and reliable information is provided on a regular basis to all surgical departments and the Perioperative Committee in order to facilitate informed decision-making about planning and preparing patients for surgery.



Accreditations & Awards