Organization Development (OD) is defined as a field directed at interventions in the processes of human systems in order to increase their effectiveness using variety of disciplines. It is a body of knowledge and practice that enhances organizational performance and individual development, by increasing alignment among various systems within the overall system. Furthermore, OD is a field of science that focuses on understanding and managing organizational changes, scientific study and inquiry making individuals within the organization aware of the vision, strategy and goals of the hospital.

Main function of OD Division is to provide professional support and counsel to Executive Management in developing and implementing integrated and value-added management processes, programs, plans, systems which includes organization design, job design, classification & evaluation and implementation of organizational changes that contribute strategically to the overall productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of the KFHS&RC (Gen. Org.).


OD had accomplished the following projects that have significant impact not only to the division but to the whole General Organization.

  • Automation of premium allowances. The process of adding or modifying allowance based on nature of work was automated across the General Organization and to unify the source of information that improves the maintenance and yearly revision and ensures the elimination of human errors in data entry.
  • Development and implementation of career ladder for technical allied health staff under Medical and Clinical Affairs to help improve the career path and allow professional advancement of technical allied healthcare staff and retain and attract high-caliber staffs within the same clinical functions and patient services duties.
  • Automation and updating of all job descriptions for all job titles and linking it to the iRecruitment
  • Development and implementation of the Technical Competencies Manual
  • Implementation and monthly update of the Cost Center Diagram for Corporate, Riyadh and Jeddah Branch to raise the level of accuracy in the calculation of cost for each organizational entity for the services provided and to ensure that it is in accordance to the approved organizational structure.
  • Development and implementation of corporate structure as an entity in Oracle HRMS report.
  • Implementation of Non-MSR position in the Oracle HRMS.



The division is consisting of the following functional and vital areas:

  • Organization and Workforce Planning (O&WP) Department provides professional counsel and support to Director, OD Division and higher management in developing and implementing integrated and value-added organizational structures, management processes, programs, plans and systems and conducting organizational and operational studies that contribute strategically to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the KFSH&RC (Gen. Org.). This department is consisting of Organization Structure and Workforce Planning sections.
  • Job Evaluation and Compensation (JE&C) Department provides strategic expertise in defining job roles, descriptions, competency matrix and in determining the relative value of one job in relation with another and to compensate accordingly within the defined framework. This department is consisting of Job Evaluation and Compensation sections.
  • Manpower/Position Control (MPC) Section is responsible in ensuring the proper control and utilization of manpower/positions locations, organization cost centers, positions/organizations hierarchies, fixed/settled values such as pay scale, allowance values and premiums and maintaining the positions and organization transactions data in the system and providing the needed reports to achieve HR and Organizational strategies and improve ongoing business transactions.


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