Transportation Services falls under the umbrella of Support Services Division. The Department comprises a team of hard working and dedicated staff, responsible for providing safe, reliable, convenient and efficient transportation services.  We provide these services, to hospital patients, employees and their eligible dependents to work, school and during social recreational activities. All Transportation drivers are carefully selected, tested and trained professionally. They are monitored and assessed daily to ensure compliance with safety standard.

The Department manages and provides, preventive and corrective maintenance, for more than 402 Hospital-owned vehicles, 200 mobile equipment, and 40 club cars.

In addition, Transportation Services is also responsible for assigning qualified drivers to Ambulance Services, Blood Bank, and Social Services to transport patients and deceased bodies.

As required, transportation service is also provided to patient and Hospital employees during emergency and non-emergency cases.


  • Renewal of route bus service contract with Shary Trading Company. The new contract provides a total of 21 buses with drivers; all are of Toyota Coaster model 2015. The new service commenced on 01 August 2015.
  • Replacement of all rented passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks with a total of 60 newly purchased vehicles owned by the Hospital.
  • Upgrade of outdated AC system in Transportation Maintenance Section.
  • Provision of additional bus services like new route buses for the new housing complexes, between Local Recruitment Office and Main Hospital, and transport of female employees from King Khalid International Airport to Hospital housing upon return from annual vacation.
  • Conducts variety of training activities such as training of Equipment Maintenance staff on maintaining the new cleaning equipment in collaboration with Cleanliness Mechanism Company, training of Ground Maintenance staff on ways to operate advanced agricultural machinery, and training of drivers concerning traffic regulations and customer services.
  • During year 2014, a total of 165,906 passengers were transported through 182,467 operational hours with 1,359.813 kilometers in 47.935 trips during the reporting period.


  • Transportation Administration
  • Transportation Operations
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Spare Parts Store


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