Food Services provide high quality of food and service within the framework of a well-organized and cost effective operation to hospitalized patients and employees as an essential and important part of total health care.

The Department strives for excellence and meets the highest standard in performing its functions, duties and responsibilities.

The department continues to improve effectiveness, efficiency and achieve cost reduction without sacrificing the quality of service.

The department complies with all applicable government laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and implements international hospital standards, as mandated by JCIA. We also apply other relevant regulatory standards from CDC, FDA FOOD CODE, DMA, NRA, and ADA.


-Patients were served using cook-chill system with
-Private Dining Room was opened
-VIP Services was added
-Buffet style Family Dining Room was opened
-Catering Services were introduced
-Main Kitchen was modified to include HACCP concept
-Received JCIA accreditation
-CBORD Food Service Suite phase 1&2 was implemented
-Replaced trayline system with CBORD Room Service
-Short Order service was introduced in the Cafeteria
-KACO&LD was inaugurated with projected dining facilities    for 1,500 staff
-Actively involved and coordinated in KFSH&RC Mega Projects initiatives

  • KACO&LD Food Service design consulting
  • Food Service System Planning
  • Food Service Main Distribution Centre design
  • Private Wing Study and re-design
  • Pediatric Hospital
  • Consolidated Warehouse and Waste Management System

-Upgrade of Services

  • Upgraded the service in Patient Services and Family Dining Room by introducing new menus in a new concept.
  • Employee Cafeteria upgrade of service:

-   Introduced “Theme Day Cuisine” i.e. Italian Cuisine Day, Chinese Cuisine Day, Mediterranean Cuisine Day, Indian Cuisine Day, etc.
-  Fridges were added to the Cafeteria kitchen to increase the cooling capacity of water, etc.
-Initiated installation of additional vending machines in the hospital that is intended for serving patients area. Ie. North Tower lobby
-Introduced Short Order Service at KFNCCC Cafeteria

-Awarding of KACO&LD kitchen equipment and furniture projects
-Food Services planned and executed all necessary processes to outsource the Employee Services Cafeteria at the MSSB Building to outside vendor to provide high quality food choices/options for KFSH&RC employees.
-Changed food contracts to two (2) years contract to ensure constant supplies of food items with stability of prices over two year period.
-Developed training program for Food Services Managers, Supervisors and staff in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Hospital and Houston Methodist Hospital, USA.

-Introduction of Micros POS Cashless system in Food Services Employee Cafeteria and Dining areas
- Completed renovation of Main Kitchen   

  • Projects In-progress
  • Replacement of worn equipment, outmoded meal delivery trolleys
  • Renovation/expansion of East Wing kitchen, server and seating
  • Upgrade and expansion of coffee shops
  • Installation of Quick Serve Café with seating
  • Expansion of Cafeteria


  1. Stores / Materials Management
  • Responsible for the receiving, storage, and delivery of food and supplies in various Food Services kitchens. Keeps record of all requisitions and receipts or invoices from vendors.
  1. Production
  • Trained multi-national food handlers prepare and serve over 6,000 meals per day.
  • Therapeutic menus are available to patients; a staff of highly skilled people supervises production and service hospital wide.
  • Food Service employees practice a high standard of food safety and sanitation
  1. Patient Services
  • Develop and maintain procedures for tray assembly and delivery
  • Maintenance of required standards for food set-up on the Room Service station
  • Coordinate delivery and collection of patient meal trays and carts to nursing units.
  1. Employee Services
  • Food Services Department operates three (3) cafeterias and a buffet-style Dining Room. Employee Service menus include a variety of ethnic dishes for the multi-cultural staff of the hospital.
  • Prepares and serves meals and refreshments for Executive meetings, visiting guests, seminars, symposiums and special events.
  1. VIP Services
  • Service to VIP is available 24 hours; patients may choose the preferred food from the menus by giving their order to the waiter. The meal times are determined by the patient on his/her request, all service is provided by a Waiter.
  • A juice trolley with refrigerator, hot water kettle, tea, coffee, soft drinks, water and a fruit basket is provided when a VIP patient is admitted
  1. KFNCCC Food Services
  • KFNCCC Food Services provides quality food services to patients, guests and employee of KFNCCC.
    • KFNCCC in-house patients, sitters/guests
    • Muttawa Guest House patients, sitters/guests


Accreditations & Awards