Department of Audiovisual Services is primarily engaged in providing a day-to-day audiovisual and television requirements for the benefit of employees, department and patient of KFSH&RC, thus contributing immensely to the Hospital's pursuit of effectively promoting and enhancing its mission as a leading healthcare institution in the Kingdom.  Audiovisual Services make every effort to meet advanced technical capability for its operational activities without compromising the quality of services.  Over the years, the department has supported audiovisual requirements related to health care, health awareness, education and entertainment programs for patients to make their hospital stay as pleasant as possible.  The department is dedicated to attaining high quality standards through a continuing education and training programs for the staff, primarily on utilization of latest technologies in the field.


  • 1975: Audiovisual Services was establised as Education and Media Services under the umbrella of Technical and Support Services Group.
  • 1978: Installation of TV Studio and most advance audiovisual system in the middle east.
  • 1981: The first edition (Vol 1, No1) of the Sand script was publised.
  • 1982: The Cable TV System was introduce and TV receivers were updated with multi-system colored TV colored TV sets in both the hospital and housing accomodations.
  • 1984: The construction of D Complex was completed and the cable system was extended to provide service.  Further expansion occurred with 66 villas in Palm Villas II.
  • 1985: Education and Media Services name was changed to Audiovisual Services.  Expansion of the Outpatient Building, new ward areas and patient rooms, waiting areas and a Royal Suite were added to the Distribution System.
  • 1986: Redesigned the room 304 and 203 in the Research Centre as a mini auditorium and interconnected with the TV studio providing live transmission of symposia as well as providing overflow seating for Prince Salman Auditorium
  • 1987: Installation of the Hospital Central Dictation System for medical transcription.
  • 1988: Transmitted live the new program series “Ask your Physicians” on Channel 12 (Patient Education Channel), giving patients the first ever opportunities to direct call-in for answers to their medical questions.
    The Prince Salman Auditorium was upgraded, adding a large screen video projection system.
    The TV Studio editing suite was upgraded to provide a higher quality recording and editing, utilizing the SP format.
    New Satellite Program channels were introduced.
  • 1989: Audiovisual Services was reorganized under Academic Affairs and Postgraduate Education (AAPE).
    Live broadcasting of “Meeting of the Astronauts”, Two Royal Receptions and Surgical Operations.
  • 1992: The first satellite TV channels were added to the system.
    The Housing circuit was upgraded to carry more television channels.
    A complete rebuild of systems in MCV and A&B Complex.
    The system renovation was expanded area by area to bring the entire system to a newer and even higher standard of operation.
  • 1993: Expansion projects for new classrooms and auditorium in the Postgraduate Center along with new production control area.
    Live broadcasting of first open Heart Surgery from OR level 4 to Post Graduate Auditorium.
  • 1995: Audiovisual Services and Photographics Department were integrated to Audiovisual and Graphic Division.
    Expansion of the cable system to 38 channels and set top converters with channel encryption were installed.
    Installation of a campus-wide fiber optic distribution network. The system, as installed provides direct fiber optic links from the head-end to each housing area, and section of the main Hospital. Utilizing this state-of-the-art procedure and equipment greatly improved cable system performance and reduced the amount of service time required to maintain the earlier buried coaxial cables used to distribute the signals.
  • 1996: Telemedicine was established under a collaborative agreement between the hospital and American Universities. The department was fully in charge of its operation within the hospital and participated effectively in the inauguration ceremony under His Majesty the late King Fahad Bin Abdulaziz.  
  • 2001-2005: The pay TV subscription method was introduced with 38 channels.
    The Fiber optic system for CATV network was adopted and fully implemented for all compounds.
    The independent head-end for the patient circuit with digital channel reception was also completely outfitted.
  • 2006-2013: Introduced Automated Optical Disc Duplication and Printing System that enables copying to CD and DVD formats complete with labelling.
    Digital Playback System was launched to migrate from manual operation in order for playback of selected medical and educational programs with aid of server and workstation.
    The four (4) new rooms in Al Faisal University were installed and commissioned.
    AV System was installed in Animal Labs, Pathology and Hematology and Training and Development Conference Rooms.
    The TV Studio was upgraded with high definition signal (HD) and fully equipped digital equipment and has capability to up/down to any satellite station.
    The Digital Signage Display Information System was introduced to cater for public information and special announcement.
    The Prince Salman Auditorium was upgraded with installation of digital audio and lighting system.
    Installed a total of 1,681 LCD/LED TV in hospital waiting areas, patient rooms, and other patient related areas.
    Replaced a total of 2,500 LCD/LED TV in hospital housing.
    The Digital Cable TV System catered more than 120 TV channels and was connected also in ward D2 and D4.
    Installed a complete audiovisual system and connectivity in the Board of Director’s Conference Room, North Tower, Level 9.
  • 2014-2015: Live Transmission from KFSH&RC CATH Lab To International Pics AIC Structural Heart Meeting, Rush University Chicago, USA.
    320 hours were webcasted through Info gateway.
    160 Medical and Non-medical event were videotaped.
    Technical supervision for the 4th International Conference on Disability and Rehabilitation at the Ritz Carlton, Riyadh.
    Replaced 345 LED TVs in the KFNCCC Staff Housing, Hospitality Building and Ward D4.
    Evaluate and recommend the audiovisual equipment and system for the following:
    • Mega Projects in KACO&LD and EMS Private Wing
    • Tertiary Care Pediatric Hospital
    • Consolidated Ware House and Waste Management Project
    • Complexes H – Theater, I, and J Housing Projects
    Installation, Programming, Testing and Commissioning of one (1) monitoring system and four (4) Cinema Vision Systems in MRI and Nuclear Medicine Units of Radiology Department.
    Upgrade the AV System for CEO Boardroom.
    Complete Installation of audiovisual system for the Conference Room and Training Room in the Academic and Training Affairs.
    Connectivity of Fiber Optic System between KFSH-East Auditorium and Audiovisual Services TV Studio.
    Upgrade the audiovisual equipment and system in KFNCCC Auditorium.
    140 TV encrypted Channels transmitted to the residential compounds and 59 TV channels to the patient’s rooms.
    Replaced total of 44 LED TV's in KFNCCC Hospitality Building (AlMotawah Residence) and 63 LED TV's in Hospitality Building (AlJoharah Residence).


  • TV Production This section covers the services of supporting & documenting Hospital events such as Symposium, seminars, live transmissions, meetings etc., and the productions of new programs such as health education, documentary, training and etc.  Prior to the produced videos, pre-productions were made such as video taping, interviews, editing, script writing, graphic designing and sound insertion.
  • Design & Engineering All the drawings and designs for all the hospital projects (new/renovation) where all systems and equipment are required.
  • Workshop:  Technical Support For Medical & Non-Medical Activities
    • Medical - All the support provided to the medical activities such as seminar/conference/symposium, lectures and etc.
    • Non-Medical - All the support provided to the other hospital activities such as ceremony, graduation, and etc.
    Maintenance & Repairs
    Maintains and repairs all AV systems and equipment around the hospital.



Accreditations & Awards