Environmental Services uses evidence-based practices and procedures that contribute to a healing environment for Patients, Staff and Visitors. Our vision is to continuously strive to be the best in the industry of Environmental Services. Our staff are well-trained in good environmental practices and in creating a suitable hospital environment for care.


  • Year 2011 marks the Department’s initiative to implement a PI project on Reduction of Red Biohazard Bag Waste that ‎started strictly monitoring the systems and procedures of Medical Waste collection. The PI project generated tremendous yearly decrease on the hospital medical waste expenditure demonstrated to 55.97%.
  • ES – Housekeeping utilizes ATP – Adenosine Triphosphate Bioluminescent test, to assess the surface ‎cleanliness ‎and microbial ‎contamination levels of inpatient environmental high touch ‎ ‎Below level of 100 Relative light ‎Units (RLU) are positive results while high level ‎of ‎‎100 RLU indicates a high degree of contamination; ‎therefore signals the Housekeeping that surfaces should be ‎cleaned ‎again. Measurable differences in soil removal have ‎been ‎demonstrated through the use of this ATP monitoring device ‎which measures degree of organic ‎debris ‎removal, thereby, reducing the risk of cross contamination.
  • Implementation of the Microfiber Cleaning System that greatly improved the housekeeper’s cleaning efficiency. Cost expense prior to implementation was high but it eventually decreased cleaning cost due to the microfiber cloths’ durability. The microfiber mops are light and ergonomic, it prevents dirty mop heads from contaminating cleaning solution. The microfiber cloths can hold an enormous amount of water and can absorb dirt and oil, but are soft that it does not scratch or damage surfaces in the area unless they are dirty.
  • Continuous staffs training were conducted on proper application on good ergonomics in working environment in coordination with Moving and Handling Department. The training increases the staff’s safety awareness, and reduces risk efforts and stress.
  • High compliance rating to the yearly Influenza vaccine provided to all staff of Environmental Services which merits from the Joint Commission Resources (JCR) campaign for increased influenza ‎immunization of healthcare workers.
  • Proper utilization of ScrubEx system, provided significant decreased of hospital expenditure for ‎scrub suit request. Unauthorized ‎staff who does not have ‎access to the ScrubEx machines were prevented from acquiring a scrub suit, therefore, all suits are ‎properly accounted for. ‎
  • Implementation of Laundry Exchange Cart system that minimizes number of laundry staff assigned to ‎deliver and collect linen supply resulting to less linen handling, less manpower staff and less distribution time. The system therefore, maximizes staff productivity as more staff are thereby assigned in the ‎production area. ‎

Certificates and Awards

Environmental Services was awarded the Best Poster presentation for the Waste Reduction ‎project during 2011 and 2012 Quality Day.‎


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