Patient e-Services

Service description:

This service enables the patient or the visitor to view and manage their appointments by cancelling or rescheduling their appointments in a simple way.

Access to Service

Mechanism of using:

  1. If you choose to postpone your appointment, a calendar will appear to you with the available dates that you can choose from highlighted in green.
  2. Click on the “options” button to read your appointment instructions, view your appointment slip, save it, print it, and send your appointment by SMS or by email.

You can also cancel the appointment or postpone it.

  1. Click on “Appointments” link. An upcoming appointments box will appear.
  2. If you are not yet registered, please click here and follow the instructions.
  3. If you are already registered on Sehaty, enter your user name (National ID/ Iqama number) and your password.
  4. Click on the " Access to Service" link.
  5. Choose the date and time that best suits you according to the availability.
  6. Click on the “apply” button.
  7. A message will appear to you stating that your request has been received and that you will be notified with the result by sending a message to your mobile or email.

Note: You cannot request to postpone any appointment  (3) days before the appointment date.

For more information, please view Sehaty manual.

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