Nephropathology and Renal Transplant Pathology

A two-year program designed to provide in-depth training and experience in medical renal pathology and renal transplant pathology for physicians who have completed their anatomic pathology residency training program. The training emphasizes the practical, academic and administrative aspects of medical and transplant renal pathology in order to produce a fully qualified anatomic pathologist/renal pathologist with broad exposure to various aspects of medical renal pathology and renal transplant pathology.

The program offers the candidates an opportunity to learn from rich clinical and pathologic case material routinely dealt by the renal pathologists in this department. In addition to the in-house biopsy material, the department receives a variety of unusual cases for consultation from several hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that enhance and enrich the experience and exposure of the trainees. After completion of training the fellows are expected to work as independent surgical pathologists/nephropathologists.

Program Director