Clinical Neurophysiology Technology Program

Neurophysiology Technology is the study of the central and peripheral nervous system and its function with correlation to the related pathologies and symptomatology of these parts.

Techniques include, but are not limited to the following:

  • EEG Testing.
  • Evoked potential.
  • Clinical & Electroneuro-diagnostic correlation.
  • Non invasive neurophysiology procedure.


Neurophysiology technology program is an allied health program for diagnosing patients with neurological disorder such as epilepsy, stroke, coma, multiple sclerosis, and other disorders.

 The program is aiming to prepare a well trained, highly skilled and qualified Neurophysiologist to improve patient care services.

The state of the art methods and sophisticated interpretation of clinical neurophysiological tests is the core of the in-house training program that is held at King Faisal specialist Hospital & Research Centre.


when can i apply to the program?

Programs are opened upon hospital’s need, and applicants may apply once the program is announced.