Metabolic Nutrition Course

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 3rd floor, Exhibition Hall.



Inherited metabolic disorders (IMD) are genetically inherited biochemical disorders of specific enzymes or proteins causing a block in a normal metabolic process of protein, carbohydrates or fat metabolic pathway. As a result, there will be accumulation of intermediary substances which cannot be further metabolized. This concept of IMD was originally conceived by Garrod since 1902.

Nutrition management of Inherited Metabolic Disorders is disease specific to correct metabolic imbalances, promote growth and development by providing adequate nutrition while restricting or supplementing one or more nutrient as indicated by the disorder. In addition, in some disorders nutrition treatment would have a greater impact such as reducing the risk of brain damage, other organ involvement and diminishing the incidence of metabolic crises, preventing coma and even death.


Date: 17-20 April 2019


Course Topics:

This course will introduce participants to the most common inherited metabolic disorders by providing a brief review of the pathophysiology, diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of each disorder with a focus on the dietary management of these disorders in details supplemented with a practical daily dietary workshop to apply the gained theoretical knowledge.



 All participants that will fulfill the attendance requirements and pass the course post-test will receive a certificate of completion indicating the accrued CME hours.


Course Outcome:

Upon successful completion of the course, participants are expected to

  • Gain knowledge about the most common IMD pathophysiology, diagnosis, symptoms and treatments.
  • Formulate specific metabolic diets including dietary emergency regimens for most common IMDs and teach patients and parents about them.
  • Long-term follow-up and adjustment of dietary regimens based on anthropometric and biochemical
  • Be able to provide education and support to other medical staff in the field of IMD dietetics.
  • For long term goals, be able to be involved in research development, protocols/guidelines related to nutrition management of IMD.
  • As a national wide goal, to fulfill the urgent need for metabolic dietitians in the area.



Participants should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Hold a bachelor or higher degree in clinical nutrition and has at least two years of experience as a pediatric clinical dietitian. OR be a metabolic dietitian or metabolic MD
  • Should pass the on-line test


How to apply:

  1. Complete the Application form and send it via the email ( mnc@kfshrc.edu.sa  ).
  2. Attach a CV summary describing your current job and work experience with a copy of your SCFHS license ID. Please include a contact information with an email address.
  3. If your application is initially accepted, the online test link will be sent to initially accepted applicants in a specific time.
  4. If you pass the exam, the official application form should be filled and the course fees should be deposited in the bank account (IBAN# SA1380000114608010123712 King Faisal Hospital Business Operation). Kindly email a copy of the receipt to complete your registration.
  5. Registration fees: 2500 SR


Contact information:

For more information Please don’t hesitate to contact the organization committee via email: mnc@kfshrc.edu.sa