Palliative Care team aims at the assessment and management of physical and psychological problems experienced by both patients with advanced cancer and their families. About 50% of patients who receive a diagnosis of cancer experience these intricate and overwhelming problems.  

Palliative Care is a multidisciplinary approach aimed at enhancing quality of life of cancer patients by providing comprehensive medical and psychosocial screening, diagnosis and treatment to cancer patients. Our mission is to integrate palliative care throughout all sections, in clinical practice, research and education. The Oncology Centre consultants are collaborating with other services to provide interdisciplinary consultation services, post-graduate medical education, and palliative care research programs. Consultants and fellows are involved in teaching and research focused on multi-dimensional assessment of physical and psychosocial symptoms, as well as on pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment modalities. Some of the sponsored research programs include comparing alternative medicine and spirituality on health and long term outcome of terminally ill patients and their families.


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