The Department of Clinical Engineering manages medical equipment including the range of technology management functions, from conception through disposal.  The role of the  Department with regards to technology consists of assisting in forecasting budget and the review of pre-purchasing evaluations, technical specifications and technical purchasing negotiations particularly as it relates to high cost equipment through designated committees.  The department’s main duties include incoming inspection, repair, preventive maintenance, equipment retirement analysis, and quality assurance on equipment support.

The schedule working hours of the department is straight time from 7:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. with on-call engineer covering the service calls beyond 5:00 P.M. and weekends. The department utilizes an electronic service called EasyNet Plus in receiving equipment failure reports in addition to receiving calls from MCD.

The mission of the department is to provide clinical engineering support through a full spectrum of technology management services, such as, repair, preventive maintenance, equipment evaluation and acquisition, inspection, planning, in-service education and technical support, and other technical activities. The department pursues effective, high quality, and cost-saving services, while maintaining a spirit of cooperation and professionalism.


  • Medical Equipment Procurement Program for Mega Project
  • Certifying the Safety Cabinet equipment for other organizations in the Kingdom in order to comply with JCIA standards.
  • Member of external board advisory for King Abdul Aziz University supporting them for ABET accreditation.


(1)  General Area - responsible for O.R./Recovery Room, ICU, Outpatient Clinics, Wards, Anaesthesia, Respiratory Therapy, and Renal Dialysis

(2)  Analytical Area - responsible for Pathology & Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology, Endoscopy Ultrasound Machines and Research Centre.

(3)  Support Area - responsible for Training, Database, Administrative Support, On-Call, EPR, and SPR.

Accreditation or Awards (logos with a brief description of each accreditation or award achieved):         

  • Patient Safety Culture Survey Campaign – A certificate of Recognition from Quality Management Department was awarded to the department for achieving a response rate higher than 85% in the Patient Safety Culture Survey Campaign held from May to June 2015
  • Blood Donor Campaign - A Certificate of Appreciation from Pathology and Laboratory Department was awarded to Engr. Motaz Sindi (Chief Clinical Engineer) and Ahad Masoud (Clinical Engineer II) for their active participation and support in the organization of the Blood Donation Campaign held for the seventh year last 05-08 July 2015. The purpose of the Blood Campaign is to recruit and attract donors to donate their blood during the last week of Ramadan. The blood supply is critically low especially the demand for blood is critical this year due to the crisis in the southern region of Saudi Arabia. KFSH&RC-Jeddah supported the soldiers with (500) units of blood during the month of June 2015. Clinical Engineering participated in this voluntary campaign actively during working days (after working hours) without taking a leave to rest which resulted in working eleven (11) hours in Ramadan during the 4-day campaign period. The campaign was successfully organized and resulted in supplying our Blood Bank by (138) blood units within four (4) days).
  • JCIA 2014 – A plaque of Appreciation from JCIA Team 2014 was awarded to Engr. Motaz Sindi, Chief Clinical Engineer, for spearheading the Task Force to “Relocate Non-Functional Hospital Equipment” to Gowaiza Warehouse in preparation for JCI Accreditation. As Chairman of the Task Force, he managed the team effectively and they completed the task immediately given the limited time by extending work hours on weekdays until weekend before the day of accreditation.



Accreditations & Awards