The Personnel Department, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, role has always been to provide assistance, support and service to all KFSH&RC population.  This is in terms of benefits, compensations, promotions, adjustments, reimbursements, transfer of sponsorship, leaves, travel-related services and so forth.  It is one of the busiest, most productive department in the organization.  It ensures that the hospital policies, procedures and regulations in Employee Relations Manual are being properly implemented and applied to each transaction and that specific Government regulations relating to human resources are implemented accordingly.  Personnel Department also provides advice and counseling to conflicts and grievance investigation support to both managers and their employees.


Personnel Department consists of four Sections that has different functions and are linked with each other.  These sections are: Processing & Benefits, Employee Relations, Travel and Records.  It is the Personnel Department’s aim to enhance and to ease all processing in order to deliver a fast and efficient service to all employees on time. 


  • During the first quarter of 2013 the new service office for Processing & Benefits and Employee Relations were completed and opened for all employees. This office provides individual person to person service to deal and resolve concerns and issues.
  • Although Unified Payscale was implemented in 2011, distinguished allowance was only introduced recently on June 2013 to all Saudi Staff. This new benefit gave all Saudi Staff on Unified Payscale additional allowance and motivation to work harder.
  • File Room has implemented the Employees Electronic File system. This enables employees view and access files through the system.  Access were given to Department Heads and concerned staff through HR system.
  • In the early 2014, because there were a huge number of new arrivals of employees for King Abdullah Centre for Oncology & Liver Diseases (KACO&LD), the monthly orientation was changed to weekly to accommodate this influx.
  • In October 2014, Employment Certificate and Exit Interview were automated, this would minimize the number of employees queuing in Personnel Department and allowing employees obtain their request without delay. The automation project includes Resignation, Transfer and 90 day Probation, which are all under process.
  • Personnel Department helpdesk was established in December 2014 as a frontline to assisting employees to the services they require. This is to improve efficiency, productivity and customer service in the most quickest and effective way. 



  • Processing & Benefits
  • Employee Relations
  • Records


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