The Academic & Training Affairs is committed to provide medical education as part of the most important tasks at KFSH&RC, in addition to introducing health care to patients and conducting research. The medical fellowship and internship programs for students in KSA are organized in collaboration with Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

At the end of 2014, The Academic & Training Affairs, supported by Medical Departments, participated in graduation of 1296 trainee doctors, of which 771 were fellowship doctors and 525 resident doctors since the commencement of medical education programs. These graduates, who are working in community services, hospitals and universities in and out of KSA, play an important role in enhancing the clinical care, medical education and researches.

Residency Training Programs (Specialty Programs)

The Academic & Training Affairs organizes residency-training programs in collaboration with Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, whereas resident doctors of different specialties receive training to achieve competency and obtain the Saudi Specialty Certificate awarded by Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

Resident doctors are accepted in the program by choosing them among the trainees in other specialty programs.

Resident Pharmacists Training Program

The Academic & Training Affairs at KFSH&RC organizes resident pharmacists training program to offer graduate studies in the first year under the supervision of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and conducted by group of excellent practitioners.

Fellowship Training Program

The Academic & Training Affairs oversees a full batch of fellowship training program in subspecialties Many have graduated from this program and obtained the Saudi subspecialties Certificate approved by Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

The fellowship training program contributes towards the graduation of highly qualified and competent doctors, guiding them in taking care of patients, training juniors, participate in planning & management and run health care and researches in the scope of their expertise.

622 doctors were graduated from these programs and many of them are holding leadership offices in health care sector, academic medicine and clinical researches.


Accreditations & Awards