The mission of Office Services (OS) is to centralize administrative office requirements in regard to communication processes with internal departments and outside agencies, provide bilingual and non-bilingual secretaries for temporary coverage services and Hospital Liaison services to Hospital-wide departments, provide most professional Arabic/English translation services and printed and photocopied materials, sign and graphics services to all departments of the Hospital for patients care.  Documents Centre stores all Hospital in-active and semi-active records. Converts and captures vital hard copied records on microfilm images and supervising and disposal of duplicated, obsolete and unnecessary records.

Office Services welcomed the chance to work together with many areas in the Hospital with many areas in the Hospital in completing the tasks in progress and looks forward to the continuation of upgrading the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (General Organization), in centralizing administrative role in the new millennium.


PBX: Private automatic branch exchange, a private telephone switchboard that provides on-premises dial service and may provide connections to local and trunked communications networks. The hospital switchboard is manned on a 24-hour basis and handles incoming calls from outside the hospital, ensuring that they are coursed through to the proper channel.

Emergency calls are made by calling ext.2222 (for Code blue RRT and fire calls) for medical emergencies outside the hospital (main building) call ext. 7777. The messages are relayed by PBX to the appropriate personnel in accordance with the policy.


Accreditations & Awards