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In line with Saudi Vision 2030’s goal of promoting a culture of volunteerism, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre is committed to contributing to further developing volunteer work to support the Kingdom's objective to reach its 1,000,000 volunteer target.

To foster this initiative in a structural framework and as part of our social responsibility efforts, the KFSH&RC Volunteer Program has become an integral component of our strategic objective, intended to strengthen cooperation and interaction amongst all society segments by creating various volunteering opportunities and experiences and subsequently encouraging the spirit of giving.

We are forever indebted to those men and women who have joined the KFSH&RC Volunteer Program. We witness their abundant benevolence and generosity every day, as they whole-heartedly serve our patients, families and visitors.

Our Volunteer Program has numerous benefits.

It not only enriches the volunteer experience on a humanitarian level but also provides the platform for those men and women to build leadership and social skills, instill the value of selflessness, provide a sense of fulfillment, and last but not least, gain pride and identity in a well-rounded, supportive organization such as KFSH&RC.

With the blessing of Allah, the Almighty, we shall continually seek to develop the KFSH&RC Volunteer Program by introducing new programs and creating a variety of experiences.


Dr. Majid Al Fayyadh

Chief Executive Officer

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