Mission, Vision & Values of KFSH&RC


KFSH&RC’s mission is to provide the highest level of healthcare and the best patient experience.


KFSH&RC’s unwavering commitment to excellence

At KFSH&RC, we provide the highest level of healthcare and deliver the best patient experience through excellence, compassion, innovation, and collaboration. Every day, we strive to exceed expectations and ensure that our patients receive the care they deserve, while maintaining a focus on continuous improvement and staying at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

User Charter 

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre seeks to provide the latest technologies on its e-portal, and to provide information and services to the beneficiaries through the establishment of a strong channel of communication between KFSH&RC and the beneficiaries, based on standards that ensure development and promotion of this relationship continuously and effectively. This Users' Charter contains the portal commitments towards its visitors on one hand, and responsibilities of these visitors towards the portal on the other hand.

E-Portal Objectives:

• Highlighting the Vision and Mission of the Organization and its leading role in healthcare provision.

• Serving as a standard platform for information exchange and communication with the targeted groups. 

• Serving as a platform for e-services provision. 

Strategic Objectives

Providing information about the educational programs offered, which aim at developing all health practitioners, to include residency and medical fellowship programs that are compatible with the International Accreditation in this field, in addition to the staff development and capacity building programs. 

• Providing specialized researchers with all the tools and programs of scientific and innovative research, with the aim of providing patients with the best specialized healthcare services.

• Closely observing the latest information, research findings, technologies and modern medical devices. 

• Providing information on the achievements and the distinctive medical services provided by KFSH&RC by adopting the latest approaches and technologies for displaying the Portal’s content. 

• The E-Portal contains a comprehensive health encyclopedia providing information in an integrated medical, educational and research format, contributing to raising • the social health awareness.

• Presenting the most important health awareness events, medical conferences and workshops organized by KFSH&RC. 

• Providing effective e- services


• All individuals within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.•

• Patients of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC). 

• Suppliers and Vendors. •

• Employees of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC).

• Those searching for information concerning • the Saudi health affairs.

Medical and health specialties students. •

General Standards

Using the world’s most advanced technologies to develop content management and tracking • system.

Supporting ease of access by search engines. •

Connected with social media. 

Supporting people with special needs so that visually impaired persons can browse the portal using sound features.•

Providing advanced security and protection settings.•

Connecting the portal with government e-channels.•

Compatibility with various web browsers as per the users.•

Receiving the Portal visitors' opinions, suggestions and inquiries.•

E-Services Standards

Service response time for the Home Page and all other pages should not exceed a maximum of 4 seconds.•

The average response time for the Portal’s Home Page is between 3-5 seconds.•

Ratio of readiness is 99.5% Uptime.•

Downtime hours may reach 1.82 days, equivalent to 43.8 hours per year.•

Downtime hours may reach 3.65 hours, equivalent to 219 minutes per month.•

Our Obligations

Based on the vision and mission of KFSH&RC, and in order to achieve the objectives of its portal, we seek to provide the best possible services to the portal users, including citizens, residents and visitors, as well as the business sector. To recognize what the portal will do to achieve these objectives, we have identified the obligations of the portal as follows:

Help and Support: The portal includes channels for assisting and supporting its visitors. These channels meet the needs of the largest number of the portal’s visitors; they provide readable texts and video files for some e-services. The Help and Support Department provides detailed information and links to a number of forms of assistance including Frequently Asked Questions, “Contact Us” page, and mobile applications for patients’

Privacy and Confidentiality of Information: KFSH&RC ensures the confidentiality of the information of its users and visitors. The portal administration makes every effort to provide high quality services to all beneficiaries.

Providing Mechanisms of Communication and Participation: The portal administration is committed to providing various mechanisms for communication with clients to ensure the quality of services provided via the portal through the “Contact Us” page as well as allowing participation through the social networks and the surveys.

Specific Mechanisms for Dealing with Complaints and General Inquiries: KFSHRC Provides a system that automatically connects the complaints and inquiries received via the available communication channels with the concerned departments. This ensures the message is submitted to the concerned authority as soon as possible and it is being followed up until it is replied to. It takes 10 working days to respond to these messages. This period varies according to the subject. In the case of delayed
response, the message is automatically escalated. The system sends text messages to the e-mail via the mobile phone (after activating the service). Once the concerned department has responded to the message, it will be closed by the employee.

Standards on Comments and E-Participation

All comments posted to the e-participation channels are subjected to a review process • in order to make sure all users have observed the standards and regulations relating to comments posting. The hospital has the power to exclude any comments deemed inappropriate based on these standards. Standards of comments posting include the following:

• The user shall observe public morals and avoid any inappropriate phrases or filthy words. 

• The comment shall be relevant, focused on the subject under discussion and shall not deviate from the subject in any manner. 

• To avoid making any personal criticism that does not enrich the idea being posted and discussed. 

• To avoid religious fanaticism and involvement in any racist topics or sectarian disputes. 

• To be completely certain of the accuracy when referring to any Qur’anic texts or religious views, preferably not to talk about these topics except by the specialists. 

• To avoid posting any personal information, including any contact information. 


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