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At the Research Centre, we foster a scientific environment that sets the highest standards, driving forward the clinical practice of tomorrow.
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Research at KFSH&RC

As the preeminent medical and life sciences facility in the Middle East, we provide a scientific environment of the highest standard that advances the clinical practices of tomorrow. Led by the best scientists and practitioners in their fields , our priorities in research include Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Environmental Health, Infectious Diseases, Stem Cell Therapy, and Genetics, where we can have a legitimate global claim to world in the investigation of rare diseases with the support of our advanced technology and facilities.

The Research Centre: A leading facility in the region

At King Faisal Research Centre, we channel our efforts toward research in cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, environmental health, infectious diseases, stem cell therapy, and genetics, hence solidifying our position as global leaders in the investigation of rare diseases.

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Our Scientists are fortunate to be supported with cutting edge technologies that often surpass that of more renowned centers around the world.

Education and Training at KFSH&RC

At KFSH&RC, we foster a culture of continuous learning in order to remain pioneers in medical education. Browse our range of learning and training resources here.

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Research Proposal at KFSH&RC

Unlock your research potential and join us at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre. Whether you're an experienced researcher or new to the field, we welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute their unique perspectives.

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We are recognized locally, regionally, and internationally for providing specialized medical treatment, and adopted the best medical practices, latest technology, and state-of-the-art facility to provide excellent medical care through our 4 facilities across the kingdom.


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Unlocking Potential: Advancing Research and Innovation for a Sustainable Future



Extending beyond medical treatment by engaging the community to contribute by Volunteering, Charity Fund, Blood Donation, and Stem Cell Donation. Creating a social movement with a significant impact through our initiatives to help enhancing the quality of life for the public, patients and their families.

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