Quiet Time

“Quiet Time” is an initiative introduced by Experience Office Division, in line with the Hospital's strategic objective to deliver world-class customer experience and promote patient healing and reduce staff and patients stress.
This collaborative initiative involving all Hospital staff, patients, and visitors shall help reduce stress and noise in all inpatient areas, particularly noise/sounds coming from the busy nursing stations.

Let Us Help You!

All Of Us

Keep voices low, enter room quietly and speak to patients and visitors in a soft tone, cluster care and provide care quietly


Inform patients/staff­ of Quite Time hours during the huddle Prep patient rooms in advance – remove dirty trays and check IV pumps close doors to unit and dim lights (leave enough light to work).

Healthcare Providers

Schedule rounds outside of these hours, when possible, time non-urgent orders if possible (i.e. phlebotomy, radiology, and other patient disruptions).

Pharmacy Time medications on standard administration times.

Physical Therapy Consider providing therapy outside of these hours (when possible).


Consider drawing blood outside of these hours (when possible) except for STAT specimens they are to be collected per healthcare provider's request.

Environmental Services Remove trash prior to quiet time, avoid interruptions in occupied rooms during quiet time hours, only provide services for vacant rooms or per patient requests, and remember "Quiet Time is not NO CARE TIME “.

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