Mission, Vision & Values of KFSH&RC


KFSH&RC’s mission is to provide the highest level of healthcare and the best patient experience.


KFSH&RC’s unwavering commitment to excellence

At KFSH&RC, we provide the highest level of healthcare and deliver the best patient experience through excellence, compassion, innovation, and collaboration. Every day, we strive to exceed expectations and ensure that our patients receive the care they deserve, while maintaining a focus on continuous improvement and staying at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

The Transformation program at KFSH&RC

The Transformation Program is the key to our future success, enabling KFSH&RC to become an independent, not-for-profit foundation. This will give us the freedom and flexibility to enhance our current healthcare services, explore new possibilities, and utilize surpluses for the organization's benefit.

Embracing Vision 2030

Join us on our journey towards excellence and innovation as we transform into an independent, private, not-for-profit foundation. Aligned with the strategic vision of becoming a global healthcare leader, our transformation program is driven by two impactful initiatives:

  • *Corporatization (completed) Dec. 2021
  • *Operational Transformation (Ongoing) Dec. 2023
  • *The transformation journey at KFSH&RC

As we have embarked on our transformation journey to become a "Not-For-Profit Independent Foundation", change management plays a vital role in supporting our management and employees. It encompasses a range of actions, techniques, and tools aimed at facilitating personal transitions, fostering adoption, and embracing the realization of change within KFSH&RC.

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