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Program Overview:

The Dermatology department at King Faisal Specialist hospital & research center is one of the dermatology departments participating in a four-year joint residency training program across multiple centers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

After completion of the program, successful candidates are eligible for Saudi speciality Certification as well as Arab board certification.

Dermatology and venereology concerns the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes.

Throughout the program you will get acquainted with the variety of management modalities of these diseases including, but not limited to, Dermatohistopathology, topical and systemic medications, dermatologic surgery and dermatologic aesthetic surgery, immunotherapy, phototherapy, laser therapy, radiotherapy, and photodynamic therapy.

Being in a tertiary care hospital, trainees get exposed to more cases of cancer, organ transplant, and immunocompromised patients and gain a rich experience in management of such cases.

The mission of our dermatology program is to graduate knowledgable, skillful, competent, and safe dermatologists with the goal of optimal and evidence-based medical care for our patients.

Skill Level
New graduate
4 Years
CSSD building, 6th floor

Welcome Message:

On behalf of The Dermatology department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center we would like to welcome all the new residents accepted to our program. Congratulations on your achievement, as we selectively choose our trainees to match the high standards of our institution.

Our program is a total of 4 years, this includes an off service year at KFSHRC and a 3 year core dermatology rotational in Riyadh region. We assure the high level of training and support our trainees in every step to achieve their goals.

At KFSHRC we provide a wide scope of dermatology exposure, with expertise as a reference center. This includes but not limited to: immunodermatology, advanced medical dermatology, oncodermatology, genodermatoses, vascular anomalies, laser and procedural dermatology


Training Program Structure:

The program is a four-year structured training in dermatology and related subspecialties. It is a joint program where the trainee spends predetermined period in each different hospital in the region over the four years as follows:

R1 First Year Residency: 6 months Medicine, 3 Months Pediatrics, 1 month plastic surgery, and 2 months General Dermatology

Detailed as follows:

  • Medicine (6 months):
  • General medicine (1 month)-
  • Infectious diseases (1 month)-
  • Rheumatology (1 month)-
  • Endocrinology (1 month) -
  • ER medicine (1 month) -
  • Oncology/hematology (1 month).
  • Pediatrics (3 months)
  • General pediatric (1 month) -
  • Pediatric ER (1 month) -
  • Immunology/infectious diseases) (1 month)

R2 Junior Residency: 12 months General Dermatology

R3 Junior Residency: 9 Months General Dermatology, 3 Months elective rotations ( Dermatopathology, dermatosurgery, Laser and phototherapy, ..etc)

R4 Senior Residency: 9 Months General Dermatology, 3 Months elective rotations ( Dermatopathology, dermatosurgery, Laser and phototherapy, ..etc)

* All Based on resources availability, overall rotations scheduling and Program Director approval.


Educational Activities:

Tuesday half day academic activity (8:00 – 12:00) – Virtual and In-person

Residents are excused from morning clinic or oncall duty for this time period

It is a weekly session of interactive presentations done by residents, grand rounds presented by consultants, and review sessions prior to exams. Each session is moderated by a consultant from the assigned center for that specific week

Thursday Half day activity (12:00 – 4:00) – Virtual

Residents are excused from afternoon clinic or oncall duty for this time period

It is a weekly session of Dermatopathology presentations and tutorials moderated by dermatopathologists and medical pathologists

On-call duty: 1 week per month of oncall duty* — Home oncall after-hours

The oncall resident will cover the care of dermatology in-patients, Combined admissions of new patients, and referral from other departments including the Emergency department

The oncall trainee is always supervised by the on-call consultant

Trainee will gain the competence in forming a differential provisional diagnosis and management of emergency and serious dermatology cases

*Subjective to change depending on shortage


Contact Us:

Ana Rosario Villanueva, Dermatology department secretary


Tel#: +96614647272, ext 24608

Location: CSSD building, 6th floor

Yousef Binamer

Program director

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